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Who Will Become the Linux of the Cloud?

Tweet Recently there has been an increased use of software companies attempting to position themselves using Linux as an analogy within a particular software vertical. In this Forbes blog post, Ruv Cohen describes how, essentially, reputable companies like VMware and … Continue reading

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CHF International Turns to Virtustream Cloud Professional Services to Optimize and Enhance its VMware vSphere™ Cloud

Tweet San Francisco, CA—July 24, 2012— Virtustream, Inc., the leading enterprise cloud solutions provider, today announced that its Cloud professional services team is working with CHF International, a leading non-profit that works in developing and conflict-affected countries, to provide cloud … Continue reading

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Why Are Companies Virtualizing Now?

Tweet With more than 19,000 people in attendance at this year’s VMworld conference, it appears that many companies have finally jumped in and decided to virtualize. That wasn’t always the case. For years, only the early adopters were willing to … Continue reading

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Should I scale up or scale out?

Cloud and virtualization bloggers Chad Sakac and Scott Lowe talk about some of the issues they keep hearing from users. Issues such as how should they scale, can they get more visibility into storage, and should they use Storage I/O Control and Storage DRS? Continue reading

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VMware not so welcoming to decades of security expertise

Tweet Over the past four or five years, VMware has been extending their security capabilities and they’ve made good progress for their standalone virtualized environment. Security within VMware is pretty strong, said Christopher Hoff (@beaker), Chief Security Architect for the … Continue reading

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This could be the answer to your virtual infrastructure’s performance problems

Why is your virtual environment so sluggish? You’ve got tons of storage. Wait, did you take a look at the I/O of your storage layer? Continue reading

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Virtualization 101

This virtualization thing sounds interesting, but I don’t get it. What’s a virtual server? What’s a hypervisor? How do I actually get it up and running? Timothy Stephan of VMware walks through the basics in just 3 minutes. Continue reading

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