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An Accelerated Journey to the Clouds

TaaS powered by xStreamTM for SAP® applications provides a single and efficient solution to manage your QA/testing operations prior to cloud deployment.

Cloud Essentials: Multiple Clouds, Hybrid Environments and Support for Mission-Critical Applications

To read how solutions from Virtustream deliver on the essential enterprise needs of multiple clouds, hybrid environments and mission-critical applications – while at the same time overcoming the related challenges.

Delivering Complex Enterprise Applications via Hybrid Clouds

As enterprises and industries shake off the effects of the last recession, the focus of IT organizations has shifted from one marked by a constant pressure to reduce costs to one focused on increasing enterprise value through greater innovation, agility and competitiveness.

Hybrid Cloud Computing: The Great Enabler of Digital Business

It’s no secret that digital business transformation and hybrid cloud computing are two of the most dominant IT trends today. But are they interrelated trends as well? A new study from IDG Research Services offers proof that hybrid cloud accelerates digital business progress—and can even help fund it.

IOTune - Adaptive I/O Tuning for Elastic SSD Volume Performance

An adaptive I/O tuning framework for QoS-aware SSD volume management in multi-tenant environments on the KVM Hypervisor.

Managed Private Cloud: Comprehensive Management Capabilities Hold Key To Cloud Value for Complex Enterprises

Large organizations and government agencies considering a comprehensive cloud strategy have to address a complex set of interrelated business and technology challenges – and many are taking a closer look at the potential business value in adopting managed private clouds. They need the advantages inherent in a private cloud - the ability to manage and customize their mission-critical application workloads and the greater capabilities for security and compliance – while delivering the agility and cost effectiveness of cloud computing in general.

Security in the Cloud for SAP HANA

High-speed data analytics is changing the way companies compete, enabling them to generate real-time insights to support their most important business processes. The SAP HANA platform is a clear leader in this arena, providing a uniquely fast and adaptable platform for real-time business on an enterprise scale.

Security in the Cloud: Is It Pie In The Sky?

Julian H. Lloyd | Vice President, Cloud Advisory Services Security is one of the most commonly-cited reasons enterprises are reluctant to embrace cloud computing, despite the many benefits it offers. This white paper explores the reasons behind the perception that cloud computing is somehow less secure than other Enterprise computing paradigms, identifies the real risks where they exist and proposes ways that enterprises can mitigate those risks.

The Changing Face of SAP

Richard Knight | VP Application Service, In 1933 Alfred Korzybski came up with the idea that a map was not the same as the territory that it described, much in the same way that a menu is not the actual meal. This notion has never been truer than when applied to SAP upgrades. Whilst there is a defined roadmap and tools, each upgrade contains its own particular features and surprises that can derail the best of plans and budgets. Taking SAP version 4.6c as a benchmark, this paper explores the challenges that an organization faces when embarking on an upgrade of this nature and how to overcome them.

The Efficiency of the Virtustream μVM

The Virtustream μVM is a fine-grained unit of measurement designed to fairly and accurately measure the actual consumption of cloud resources in xStream-powered clouds. Like the kilowatt hour (kWh) consumption metric that your home’s electric bill is based on, the μVM measures your actual consumption of compute, memory, network and storage resources.

UK Market Survey: Business Critical Clouds

This market study on business-critical clouds from Virtustream and Intel is based on an online survey of senior IT and business professionals in UK retail, consumer product and pharmaceutical companies. The report provides an analysis of current cloud strategies, cloud usage, ROI and future plans for Business Critical Cloud in the UK market.

Viewtrust Analytics and Continuous Compliance Engine for Enterprise Risk and Compliance Management

Threat of Cyber Security is 24/7. New attack vectors are being designed daily and the bad actors have to get it right only once. Enterprise has to defend itself continuously and has to get it right every time

xStream Security

Virtustream's xStream platform is the only enterprise cloud computing platform to deliver, in a single integrated platform, comprehensive technology to support the management of technical and operational risk.