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Accelerate Your Journey to Multicloud with Expert Managed Services

Vice President, Professional and Managed Services
Tuesday, August 18, 2020 in Business, Managed Services, Multicloud

I’m hard-pressed these days to find a customer looking to modernize or transform their IT systems who hasn’t started their journey to multicloud environments. The crossroad is no longer a question about why or when to explore multicloud. The conversation is now focused on how to best navigate the opportunities and advantages that a multicloud strategy presents.

Time is of the essence, of course, and the pressure is on. Every customer I speak to is highly aware that their competitors are expanding their IT environments to multicloud and have already taken their first big steps towards IT transformation. In fact, a new Fortune survey, done in collaboration with Deloitte, found that 77% of the CEO respondents said their company’s digital transformation accelerated during the global spread of the COVID-19 pandemic.

According to a new Virtustream-commissioned study by Forrester Consulting, How Expert Managed Services Accelerate Benefits of Multicloudenterprises adopting multicloud strategies often find that their approach offers more options and flexibility while delivering benefits like workload suitability, different service, performance, and compliance levels, and better technology compatibility. 

Across the board, however, these enterprises also recognize that their path to success is deeply dependent on expertise and specialized skillsets that may not be readily available within their company’s existing IT staff.

The Cloud Expertise Factor

Overcoming internal skills gaps requires access to multicloud expertise and best practices in order to speed time to value and maximize the benefits associated with multicloud. In response to this need, Forrester’s research uncovered several strategies that enterprises consider, with hiring new staff with multicloud experience at the top of the list at 30%, followed very closely by those who would prefer to partner with a cloud vendor that offers managed services at 29%.

Forrester Consulting’s research found that 99% of organizations who leverage cloud managed services say it has helped them in at least one of the following significant ways:

  • Provides more access to skills and expertise that their organization would otherwise struggle to obtain and retain themselves.
  • Creates ability to move more efficiently, resulting in faster time to results.
  • Provides freedom for internal staff to focus on higher priority strategic initiatives.
  • Drives better coordination and integration of cloud environments with traditional IT infrastructure.
  • Increases access to cloud management and/or cost optimization technology.
  • Avoids costs and time invested in acquiring new staff or retaining existing staff.

Virtustream’s xStreamCare Services™ deliver a proven modernization process for enterprise applications, from the initial planning, migration to the cloud and ongoing operations management. The portfolio is centered on a decade of experience, built with end-to-end industrialized processes and deep technical expertise. With a platform-agnostic approach, we help customers enable Virtustream Enterprise Cloud and public hosted clouds alike.

xStreamCare Services are tailored to our customers’ specific business needs. The portfolio includes professional services to help prepare organizations for their multicloud journey by combining the right people, processes and technologies. Onboarding and migration services are also available to reduce the risk for enterprises and minimize disruption in enterprise IT services. As part of these services, Virtustream takes responsibility for project planning, project management, documentation of all applications and workloads, move sequences, tests, mock cutover and final cutover plans.

Our Managed Services provide a fully-managed, white-glove cloud service from the infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) layer up to the operating system, database and basis layer. A comprehensive catalog allows you to select services and parameters suited specifically for the levels your business needs. The catalog includes proactive incident-event management, monitoring, alerts, troubleshooting and other pre-scoped managed services.

Mission-critical applications come with their own set of unique challenges. With 24/7, enterprise-class, global support services, our customers can take advantage of fully integrated operational processes for quality control and assurance, including planned and tested disaster recovery. Additionally, many of the organizations we work with leverage one of our customer success managers who serve as an extension of their internal teams and provide a bridge between Virtustream, the various services we are delivering, and the numerous projects that an organization can have in-flight.

There is no reason for you to go it alone on your journey to cloud or multicloud. If you need help transforming your IT and your business, let Virtustream’s experts accelerate your journey and maximize the benefits available in the cloud. 

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