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Accelerate your SAP HANA Cloud Deployment



The cloud has enabled hundreds, if not thousands, of customers to realize the value of HANA without the lengthy and expensive procurement process of acquiring HANA certified compute nodes, and consequently has become a great platform for proving the HANA business case. SAP has continually introduced new tools and partnerships to help accelerate HANA adoption. DMO with System Move is the most recently released tool that is focused on helping customers to quickly realize the business value of SAP HANA.

I remember working on an early version of DMO in 2013 while sitting at SAP Labs in Palo Alto, California. As with any early software release, versions of DMO were far from perfect and required our Value Prototyping team to be in constant communication with the developers to work through various issues. DMO is now a mature product and has been used for thousands of upgrades/conversions and migrations to HANA. One of DMO’s limitations was that the target system had to be up and running and data was transferred via pipes from the source to the target. This made it difficult to use DMO to combine the upgrade/conversion and migration into a single downtime when moving between datacenters or into the cloud.

Traditional homogeneous and heterogeneous migrations allowed the use of a DB backup or an export to file. The data could then be easily transferred over the wire or via a shipped NAS device to the target datacenter. Then the data would be imported to complete a system copy. The next step was the upgrade/conversion and migration to HANA using DMO. This process had additional costs and time, because it required a two-step process and more than one downtime to complete the full migration to HANA.

SAP solved this conundrum in 2014. At the time, I was a cloud architect at SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud (HEC) and we were introduced to an internal solution labeled “DMO to Cloud.” For approximately three years, SAP has had an internal version of SUM DMO that could be used to perform a single step upgrade/conversion and migration to HANA by exporting to file, instead of requiring direct connectivity to the target system to transfer the data. Until now, this was only available to perform migrations to HEC. SAP has just released SUM 1.0 SP20 and has relabeled the functionality DMO with System Move. More details can be found at 2377305 - Database Migration Option (DMO) of SUM 1.0 SP20.

I have been waiting for this functionality to be released for some time and was excited to learn while at SAPPHIRE 2017 that it was shifting to general availability (GA). This means that customers can not only take advantage of the cloud for deploying the target HANA environment, but will also realize faster time-to-value by completing the upgrade/conversion to HANA and the migration to cloud in a single step.

Virtustream has extensive experience migrating complex mission critical systems such as SAP to the cloud. SAP has also completed well over 600 HANA migrations and deployments. Businesses are looking for ways to easily prove the business case for HANA, and Virtustream will take full advantage of the DMO with System Move functionality to help our customers become more agile and quickly realize the value of HANA.

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