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Accelerating Business Outcomes Through Automation

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Digital disruption is permeating every industry and is requiring organizations to proactively modernize and strategically invest in technology. Simple, self-service and automated IT experiences are key to safeguarding companies’ mission-critical applications, freeing internal resources to focus on innovation.

To deliver this, enterprises need proven and secure technologies to streamline operations and become more agile. Our customers know this and tell us they want more automated controls to provision and manage their workloads—independently and on-demand.

Backed by their validation, we continue to extend automation even deeper into our product and service offerings to ensure repeatable and reliable outcomes are today’s organizational standards. Here’s a look into our recent engineering innovations that accelerate time-to-value for our customers and augment their business outcomes.

Enabling Automation at the Foundation

Supported by UI and API functionality, our cloud management and application automation frameworks equip customers to deliver faster with greater control of their IT landscapes. We enable this at the foundation of the Virtustream cloud platform by continually enhancing our self-service and managed services offerings.

Our Virtustream Enterprise Cloud constitutes a fully integrated solution for enterprises, starting with our Virtustream IaaS services, which are powered by leading enterprise infrastructure from Dell Technologies. On top of this, we’ve established industry-specific security, controls, certifications and cloud platform services to deliver highly optimized solutions for our customers.

The result is a highly available, highly performant and secure stack, powered by our cloud management and orchestration platform, xStream

Cloud Management Automation Places Customers in Control

xStream delivers a comprehensive self-service API, workload automation, reporting and management tools, all designed to support enterprise integration and workflows while reducing the complexity of operating applications at scale. The xStream Cloud Management Platform is designed to provide customers with complete oversight of their environment, along with robust management tools and full visibility into their cost drivers.

Recently, we’ve introduced new policy-based provisioning functionalities and extensive graphing and analysis capabilities across any VM, system, application or landscape. Organizations leveraging the xStream self-service portal and automation frameworks also benefit from point-and-click functionalities to easily perform operations. Among others, these include the ability to:

  • Create Virtual Machines (VMs) via pre-configured ‘gold image’ templates, which optionally allow the inclusion of policy-based provisioning for repeatable and reliable self-service deployment
  • Deploy host-based security services (e.g., anti-malware, intrusion detection, firewall and file integrity monitoring) from within the xStream portal, during and after the VM creation process
  • Deploy and configure 15 or 30-day data retention-based services directly through xStream
  • Request the OS-based monitoring service through xStream
Application Automation Fuels Flexibility

With the ability to deploy and configure these services on-demand, customers gain the flexibility needed to keep up with the pace of innovation, as well as influence over costs and capacity. Virtustream’s MicroVM (µVM) technology has been a game changer for organizations striving to maximize the value of our cloud, as well as manage their workloads and cloud costs.

Automation at the application level allows users to holistically manage, schedule or group application operations together. We previously announced new technologies that interconnect all underlying systems and services within an application landscape and then facilitate the real-time exchange of information between them. For customers, these translate into unmatched capabilities to speed their application deployment and ensure consistent and auditable business processes across their organization.

Among others, exciting new functionalities enable customers to:

  • Automate the starting and stopping of their applications, instances, landscapes and more in a specified order, while our integrated automation framework maintains dependencies between application instances and ensures data consistency
  • Flexibly pause and resume scheduled operations as needed
  • “Force-stop” systems based on user selection, accelerating the system shutdown process when the graceful closing of user sessions is not required
  • Group multiple application or database instances into a single landscape, as well as employ policies and schedules to govern their starting and stopping (this is particularly beneficial for non-production landscapes with planned schedules of daily downtime)

While this is only a subset of the innovations shaping our offerings, these enable customers to recoup significant time and cost savings. System procedures can be proactively performed with a single operation, as well as taken offline when they’re not required to run, saving resources.

Delivering On Our Automation Commitments—More to Come!

Everything in Virtustream is centered around equipping enterprises to digitally transform through self-service automation and simplified user experiences. We’re proudly partnering with the best companies on the planet to digitally transform their enterprises and solve their most complex business challenges. We understand that simple, repeatable and reliable experiences are vital to protecting customers’ mission-critical workloads and positioning them for future success. Drawing on the strengths of the Virtustream cloud platform, we continue to enhance our automation framework and technologies to carve competitive advantages for our customers and will continue to keep you apprised of what’s to come!

Contact us today to talk with one of our enterprise cloud strategists about the benefits your organization can realize by choosing Virtustream to advance your digital transformation.