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Top Analysts Heading to Dell Tech World 2018

As Dell Tech World draws near, we are eager to hear from the industry’s leading analysts on what trends they’re seeing in today’s age of digital transformation. Without a doubt, enterprise cloud adoption has spiked since last year’s show, with enterprises everywhere...

Dell EMC Future-Proof Program: Commitment Beyond the Box

There is an analogy in the investment world known as “weak hands vs. strong hands”. The concept is simple. When the market gets volatile, how does the investor respond? Will they stay strong and remain committed – or will they cut their losses and close their investment...


What is a MicroVM (µVM)?

By Dave Henry, Technical Product Marketing, @davemhenry Virtustream MicroVM™, or µVM™, is an incredibly cool, surprisingly simple, yet often misunderstood piece of cloud technology. There seems to be some confusion about the MicroVM’s function, and even...