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When Failure is Not an Option, Automation is the Answer

Thursday, October 18, 2018 in Cloud, Trust

Onboarding, monitoring, managing and securing a mission-critical application environment is a complicated undertaking for any organization. In response to constantly changing business and workload requirements, ongoing tuning and maintenance are needed to ensure optimal and compliant operations. Typically, this constitutes a manual effort; yet, with many disparate systems involved, this proves to be an inefficient, time-consuming and error-prone process. Automation is the answer when failure is not an option, and enterprises should further investigate how their cloud provider employs its capabilities to safeguard their workloads. 

Manual Inefficiencies

In a manual world, organizations have limited controls to protect their most important applications. Conceivably simple tasks involve multiple steps and a fundamental awareness of operational dependencies. Unfortunately, the stakes are high for oversight, often entailing costly business downtime, financial penalties or contractual breaches.

Our partnerships with customers worldwide have shown this to be a pervasive pain point across industries and use cases, though one unsolved by today’s cloud providers. Consider, for example, the effort required to bring your entire IT environment on or offline. Without an easy mechanism to do this, you would need to unilaterally access all systems and then perform and validate each action — all while ensuring other activities weren’t impacted in the process.

Now imagine if you could automate, schedule and holistically manage these operations with a single interface. The advantages transcend cost and time savings to improved efficiencies in every corner of the business. Supported by systematic and fool-proof operations, organizations can focus greater effort on activities ‘above the value line,’ that drive their competitive differentiation. To this end, we continue to rev our innovation engine to empower customers with superior automation capabilities and self-service experiences.

Application-centric Oversight

The Virtustream xStream portal grants customers complete oversight of their IT landscape, through a single, self-service control plane. Users are equipped to maintain their environments with ease, with robust tools and insights to help them understand and anticipate system costs, as well as accelerate application deployment through policy and batched-based provisioning capabilities.

Behind the scenes of xStream lies our end-to-end automation framework, that ensures consistent, repeatable and auditable business processes. We recently released new technology that interconnects all the underlying systems and services and facilitates the real-time exchange of information between them. It enables customers to benefit from advanced functionality, while allowing them to utilize point-and-click capabilities to automate and schedule system operations.

In turn, this provides key advantages to enterprises on several fronts, translating to such benefits as:

  • Validation and assurance: Automation includes validation checks that eliminate the chance of human error, so you can rest assured knowing your IT operations have been properly executed, without jeopardizing your mission-critical workloads
  • Self-service monitoring and management: xStream’s self-service control plane provides you with complete, application-centric control of IT landscape, as well as robust management and monitoring capabilities
  • Scheduled operations: Not only can you automate the start and stop operations of your systems, but you can proactively schedule them according to the needs of your business — whether one-time or on a recurring basis. For example, you can configure systems to shut down on Friday evenings and resume at a designated time on Monday mornings. With the flexibility of Virtustream’s consumption-based billing model, you’ll recuperate cost savings during non-business hours and when workloads are not required to be running.
  • Cost savings: Virtustream makes it easy to schedule the uptime and proper shutdown of systems, so you will only pay for what you use, without unnecessary overhead
  • Real-time notifications: You’ll always know the state of your IT environment because our automation framework generates real-time notifications as system operations complete, including the intermediary actions between the start and shutdown of a system
It’s About Trust

Virtustream is committed to providing exceptional customer experiences and earning our customers’ trust through a world-class portfolio of lifecycle-managed offerings for mission-critical applications. We recently launched the Virtustream Trust Center to demonstrate our unwavering commitments to enterprise-grade security, proactive compliance, data privacy, operational transparency and top-notch service quality across everything we do.

We offer our customers an option to have built-in, on-demand security and compliance monitoring and management across their cloud and on-premises workloads in a single view. This technology enables snapshot-based audits, which can be run at any time to validate the current landscape against PCI or other critical compliance needs.

Everything in Virtustream is about automation and simplification for our customers, and we are centered on giving them the best in the industry! We utilize automation tools that enable repeatable and auditable processes for our customers’ mission-critical application landscapes. By automating complex IT operations, our administrators mitigate risks, drive business excellence and offer customers peace of mind by safeguarding their mission-critical workloads.

Contact us today to talk with one of our enterprise cloud strategists about the benefits your organization can realize by choosing Virtustream to advance your digital transformation.

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