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Snag The Tech Job You (Really) Want: Part I

As the technology industry grows more competitive by the minute, many candidates across various levels and roles are finding themselves wondering how to get their foot in the door with their dream company. With over 20 years of experience finding, recruiting and maintaining top tech talent, I’ve seen it all and am ready to share some useful tips you can put into practice when interviewing.

For any recent or future graduates reading this: Check in next week for part two of this blog post, which will dive into some specifics to help you with your search after college!

fast pace

Tech be nimble, tech be quick

The tech industry moves at two speeds: fast and faster. Tech companies of all sizes and shapes are looking for the elusive employee who can keep pace with this rapidly changing industry. Being agile in the workplace is incredibly important – customer needs may suddenly pivot, or you may face an unexpected technology glitch; nonetheless, your teams will rely on you to think on your feet, handle the situation and then pick right back up where you left off. Showing you’re an independent learner and a motivated worker will go a long way when looking to dive into the tech scene.

Companies all know these skills are honed over time and they’re willing to invest in your training and development if you showcase your potential trajectory in the interview phase. Stay hungry and show the company what you can offer them now and what your potential is in, say, two years. Prospective employers love to hear that you’re thinking about your future goals, and how your trajectory at their company could help get you there.


Identify Your Differentiator

The job market is hot right now – good talent is going quickly, and competitive candidates have options. There is also a fundamental shift happening right now where tech companies no longer just want people who can code, but are also looking for candidates with a comprehensive understanding of the technology in addition to the ability to distill and thoughtfully communicate it to others. Find your “it” factor and sell it during your interviews.

For example, are you a marketer who can talk shop with engineers without skipping a beat? Or are you a developer that is also an excellent public speaker and would love nothing more than to deliver a killer talk at a major industry conference? Think about what you have to offer to a company in terms of experience, education or personality that makes you a superior choice to other candidates with the exact same resume.

cultural fit

Culture is Key

For both the employer and the potential candidate, a cultural fit is absolutely essential. Even when your skillset is the perfect match, if you don’t mesh well with your teams and you don’t identify with the company’s values, it will be a counterproductive experience for everyone involved.

Be sure to have a basic understanding of the company’s core values before you walk through the door and pay close attention to the chemistry between yourself and the interviewer. Could you see yourself working with this person every day? Ask specific questions about the team dynamic and try to envision what working in that environment would be like on a daily basis.

We hope these tips help you in your job search – if you’re a recent or soon-to-be graduate, stay tuned for the second part of this blog for specific tips for your interview experience!

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