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Day-in-the-Life with Chandra Keyser

Chandra Keyser, ITIL Expert in Pennsylvania


1. Tell us a little about your day-to-day role at Virtustream – what are some of your responsibilities and activities you regularly work on?

I currently work in the IT Service Management (ITSM) team, which is a part of our Global Managed Services business. I am responsible for the ITSM Leveraged Services practice, which includes our Global Situation Management service (for 24x7x365 Major Incident support), our Problem Management service, our Continual Service Improvement Program and other supporting initiatives. My day-to-day activities include collaborating with delivery teams, internal leaders and customers to ensure optimal delivery of our services. The scope of my work spans technologies, geographies, companies and industries. There is never a dull day!

2. What is the best part of working at Virtustream and how has the company helped further your career?

The people at Virtustream make it all worthwhile. I work with an incredibly talented group of individuals who are always open to new ideas. We push each other to find innovative ways to accomplish even the most mundane tasks, which makes my work both exciting and challenging. In terms of advancing my career, my leadership team has been extremely supportive of my aspiration to earn the ITIL Expert certification, which I recently completed. The certification required over 120 hours of classroom training and successful completion of six ITIL exams – my teams and managers were a critical part of my journey to achieve this goal.

3. What do you find to be unique about Virtustream’s team culture?

Who ever said you couldn’t have a best friend at work? You can and I have found them at Virtustream! I have “work best friends” from all over the world. We have fun while we work, we appreciate each other and we make time to celebrate each other’s personal and professional successes in our monthly all hands meetings. Our diverse, fast-paced and innovative environment has infused the organization with unparalleled energy. We have a great sense of camaraderie and respect for each other. We are passionate. We are creative. We are celebrated. Most importantly, we are in it together!

4. Which skills (technical and/or soft) are most important for someone looking to work on your team?

Any combination of ITIL, Project Management, Six Sigma or COBIT experience and accompanying certifications have proven to be critical to our Service Management organization's success. We align with our delivery organizations and customers as an integrated team to make ITSM easy, transparent and incredibly effective. Communication, negotiation and diplomatic skills are critical to efficient and quality execution.

5. You recently went on a trip to Virtustream’s Center of Excellence (CoE) in India – can you tell us what you were doing there and what the office/team/culture is like there?

I visited our Center of Excellence in Bangalore, India to meet with team members about our plans and goals for the upcoming year. It was my first visit to India and I was truly impressed by the hospitality I received while I was there. I happened to be there during a team member’s birthday celebration and it was nice to see the same sense of camaraderie and caring that I have been a part of in the U.S. – I can’t wait to visit India again!

- Chandra

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My visit to Virtustream India's Center of Excellence