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Cloud Infrastructure is the Linchpin of Digital Transformation

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All across the world, digital technology is upending age-old industries and transforming the way organizations of every shape and size operate their businesses. In fact, according to a recently published report from IDC, the global economic impact of digital transformation to date already exceeds $20 trillion, a staggering 20% of global GDP.

Digital transformation – the trend of organizations shifting away from analog systems in favor of digital options to enable major improvements in operational efficiency and unlock new lines of business value creation – is driven by the proliferation of cloud computing, Big Data, and mobile technologies in recent years.

While all three underpin digital transformation, the linchpin of it all is the cloud.

Flexible, cost efficient and accessible from anywhere across the globe, the cloud has already been a transformative technology for many industries. However, while migrating to the cloud is a top priority for virtually all organizations looking to go digital, the path to get there involves navigating a great many obstacles – especially for those operating in highly-regulated industries. Healthcare is at the top of the list. 

Over the past few years, cloud adoption has been on the rise in the healthcare industry. To date, organizations have primarily been testing the waters by focusing on modernizing the back-end of their systems, moving financial, operational and HR applications in the cloud.

Now there is increasing demand for transforming core healthcare systems and applications. According to a recent study by Accenture, the healthcare industry stands to save $60 billion in the long-term by making the right strategic technology investments today.

However, as anyone managing IT for a hospital or clinic can tell you, making the move to the cloud is not as simple as signing up for a public cloud service. For IT leaders in the healthcare industry, it involves taking into account a wide array of complex factors, including regulatory compliance, information security and organizational change.

To help healthcare organizations overcome these challenges, Virtustream’s Healthcare Cloud is purpose-built for mission critical healthcare applications, with availability SLAs of up to 99.99%, full automation for HIPAA and HITECH compliance, and rigorous end-to-end security to protect patient information.

With nearly a decade of experience helping organizations migrate to the cloud, Virtustream can help healthcare providers get their infrastructure up and running in just six months – instead of 1.5 years. In addition, Virtustream’s consumption billing means organizations are only charged based on the resources they use, allowing for major cost savings. For healthcare providers, the result is a flexible cloud infrastructure that runs as a single entity, no matter the location.

As digital technology continues to transform the healthcare industry, the proper cloud can pave the way for providers of every kind. To learn more about Virtustream’s healthcare offerings, see here.