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Dell EMC Future-Proof Program: Commitment Beyond the Box


There is an analogy in the investment world known as “weak hands vs. strong hands”. The concept is simple. When the market gets volatile, how does the investor respond? Will they stay strong and remain committed – or will they cut their losses and close their investment position.

A similar analogy can be used to describe the IT industry - not in terms of customers committing to a specific investment, but rather, in terms of market leading vendors that are in a position to commit to their customers and do, despite a volatile environment.

Over the last few years, the storage industry has experienced just such an environment. Mergers, acquisitions, splits, IPOs, and bankruptcies have all changed the storage industry landscape and left customers with a justifiable level of uncertainty as they make purchasing decisions:

  • Will the technology be relevant in three years?
  • Will it be possible to upgrade in the future?
  • Will the vendor’s broader portfolio keep pace with my business requirements?
  • Will the vendor innovate?


Whether or not the vendor will be around in three years is a question for another blog. For now, let’s assume the vendor has a strong, profitable business that will be viable over the long term. Apart from business confidence, customers want more. They want investment protection beyond the physical hardware. They want to know that their technology investments are safe and that the vendor is committed after the purchase. They want assurances that if issues arise (including missed expectations), the vendor will respond accordingly:

  • Performance.  Customers want vendors to guarantee the solution will meet their expectations for more than a trial period. (think, years)
  • Cost savings. Cost savings and capacity efficiency are critical to the decision making process. Customers want vendors to ensure that these benefits are realized “as advertised”.
  • Investment protection. Knowing a solution will have trade-in value or a simple upgrade path to the next generation solution brings customers additional peace of mind. Customers want to know that getting the latest technology (when they need it) will be easy.
  • Pricing. Two words: Predictable and consistent.
  • Bonus points: Vendors know that customers have many elements comprising their IT strategy. Thinking outside the box goes a long way in customer value – and loyalty.

Future-Proof Portfolio

Committing to the customer means delivering more than just the marketing promise. The strongest vendors are doubling down on customer commitment by including guarantees for performance and efficiency, and all-inclusive capabilities. To that end, Dell EMC recently announced the Dell EMC Future-Proof Storage Loyalty Program. This program was designed to protect the customer’s investment before, during, and after the purchase.

Forward Thinking

The Future-Proof program was also designed with the customer’s broader IT strategy in mind. Included in this program for Dell EMC Unity is Virtustream Storage Cloud capacity. This cloud storage capacity quickly and easily enables customers to benefit from high-performance storage and cloud economics with an enterprise-class cloud storage service. With the combination of Dell EMC Unity and Virtustream Storage Cloud, customers benefit from the best of both on- and off-premises worlds with a hybrid cloud solution engineered, sold, supported, and guaranteed all by one vendor.

Today, the strongest vendors are focused on commitment to the customer over the long term by offering long-term investment protection of their hardware. At the same time, these companies are helping customers prepare for their adjacent and future business needs by considering additional technology strategies alongside the hardware, including them in simple packaging, and providing straightforward guarantees. In the storage industry, this is called the Future-Proof commitment. In investment parlance, it’s called a “safe bet”.

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