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Driven by Diversity: Virtustream Celebrates PRIDE Month around the Globe

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As a Dell Technologies business, Virtustream is among some of the most diverse organizations in the technology industry, and we believe diversity and inclusion are the cornerstones for success. We recognize that different perspectives bring vantage points that enhance innovation, cultivate collaboration and ultimately improve the customer experience.  In June, we celebrate PRIDE month to acknowledge the ways Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer (LGBTQ) people have shaped our culture around the world.

Virtustream and Dell’s commitment to diversity and inclusion are evident in the programs and initiatives we support. Our leadership team implemented policies, programs and benefits to ensure inclusivity of our LGBTQ team members. A few of those initiatives include:

  • Comprehensive transgender benefits. Dell is one of the first U.S. companies to offer these benefits
  • Mandatory global training courses on Implicit Bias and Diversity and Inclusion
  • Employee-led Resource Groups (ERGs)
  • Executive-level Diversity & Inclusion Advisory Board
  • Equal Opportunity non-discrimination policy that covers sexual orientation and gender identity or expression, which has been in place for several years
  • Sponsorship and participation in LGBTQ activities globally through Pride parades, workshops, and community outreach
  • Presenting Sponsorship of the 2017 Out & Equal Workplace Summit
  • Executive membership on the Out & Equal Board of Directors and Global Advisory Committee

In addition to sponsorship and participation in LGBTQ programs, Dell also offers a vast Employee Resource Group program. ERGs bring together team members who share similar interests and backgrounds. With more than 300 chapters within 60+ countries around the globe, Dell’s ERGs serve a variety of groups such as caregivers, veterans, LGBTQ and more.

At Virtustream, value the many characteristics and perspectives that our team members contribute to our corporate culture. We do not aim to blend our differences, but to embrace and appreciate them for their own unique connection to our community. Not only does this connect us, we believe our diverse corporate culture is a key factor in our growth and success.