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Is there a future for mission-critical workloads in a multicloud world? (Hint: It’s already here)

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We’re in the midst of the year’s busiest time for tech tradeshows, and one topic seems to be hotter than the rest – multicloud. In an ever-evolving cloud world, one thing is clear: Multicloud strategies are no longer far-flung IT projects. Multicloud strategies are here today and sit at the heart of most enterprise organizations looking to modernize, optimize and derive dramatically more value from their data as a business imperative. In fact, according to new research, 97 percent of enterprise-class companies include mission-critical applications in their multicloud strategies.

A Closer Look at the Numbers

The new research comes from Forrester Consulting who recently took a deep look at the multicloud trend, and its findings are fascinating. The Virtustream-commissioned study, “Multicloud Strategies Drive Mission-Critical Benefits,” examines the current state of IT strategies for cloud-based workloads and specifically looks at the growing interest in multicloud architectures for mission-critical applications – the holy grail for any enterprise-class business or organization.

The global survey was just concluded in April 2019 and includes input from more than 700 cloud technology decision makers at businesses with more than 500 employees. The survey results show how the market has moved beyond the discussion and prediction phase of multicloud adoption, as we’ve now moved firmly into a true multicloud era. In fact, most organizations are on board with this approach and are already migrating their mission-critical apps.

So, what do the survey findings show us?

Mission-Critical Workloads are Deployed on Multicloud Today. Spanning North America, Europe and the Asia Pacific region, 97 percent of the respondents say their mission-critical applications are a fundamental part of their multicloud strategies. Interestingly, 93 percent say they are already using two to five cloud providers for their business applications, demonstrating the necessity for hybrid-cloud solutions in many cases to meet the complex and unique needs of those mission-critical workloads.

Defining Your Mission-Critical Needs is Important. Globally, 63 percent of the respondents define mission-critical applications as those that store customer and financial data (ERP); 60 percent define it as applications that are core to completing sales and e-commerce transitions; 58 percent define it as applications that are core to employee productivity; and 55 percent define mission-critical as applications that are core to delivering customer experience. Which one is correct? All of them. Every organization is unique, and mission-critical means different things to different businesses. That means that each should be treated with great care and expert guidance to determine how best to migrate and optimally manage workloads in a multicloud approach.

Managing Security and Risk is Top of Mind. Organizations are facing a variety of multicloud challenges, including security, compliance, monitoring and inconsistent service levels across cloud environments. Examining risk in the cloud space is a key step for implementing a multicloud strategy, and it’s true that multicloud deployments can be complex. Nearly all respondents experienced issues with deploying and using multiple cloud environments, and although 61 percent feel their multicloud strategy is well aligned to their business objectives, security and management challenges are still reflected as the top issues along with migration and deployment.

Finding the Right Expertise is Critical. Of those surveyed, nearly nine of ten report that they will increase or maintain their spending on services and people. This has led organizations to add staff with specific multicloud experience and to work with cloud vendors who have deep multicloud expertise and managed service offerings, like Virtustream can offer.

The Future is Bright for Multicloud. Having the right partner in place while developing a multicloud strategy can help organizations smoothly handle even the most complicated migrations, and the benefits of multicloud far outweigh the challenges. Nearly two-thirds of those surveyed believe that their multicloud strategy is well or very well aligned to business objectives – which illustrates the big opportunity for improvement by partnering with an expert, trusted vendor to maximize the benefits of multicloud.

It’s clear from the survey results that there is steady maturation in the market, and this continued momentum is vital for the future of the cloud. Download the study to learn more about its findings and recommendations for tackling a multicloud deployment, including planning, migration, managing and accessing the expertise and skills required in this new era.

If you’re interested to learn more, check-out our webinar on the study, featuring Mike Harding, Virtustream SAP Practice CTO, and guest speaker, Lauren Nelson, Principal Analyst, Forrester Research, at: