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How to Handle the Most Extreme Workloads

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As any IT professional knows, running large and resource intensive workloads in the cloud is hard. The cloud is often billed as a panacea, but the truth is that for most companies, architecting large workloads in the cloud is a heroic endeavor – one that must be executed with exact precision. There is no margin for error, and one small misstep can result in nightmares for CIOs.

Running mission-critical applications in the cloud is even harder. Alleviating risk and limiting disruption to the business during a move requires extensive experience and a special skill set that is rare in the industry. 

A few months ago, I was speaking with a potential customer about his company’s current infrastructure situation. He was in a tough spot: to stay competitive, his company needed to push its SAP workloads to the cloud. However, in his view, this wasn’t going to happen anytime soon. With a 50+ terabyte database and over two million transactions daily, shifting to cloud wasn’t a real possibility -- not even a remote one.

“There’s no way you can do that,” he told me.

His general thinking is actually correct. Most cloud services providers can’t handle what he was looking for. However, with the right experience, technology, and approach, it can be done.

Here at Virtustream, we’ve solved our fair share of difficult engineering problems, including some like this. Here’s how we approach extreme workloads:

Purpose-built Hardware 

As part of the Dell EMC family, Virtustream’s cloud infrastructure is powered by hardware that is purpose-built to support mission-critical workloads. Our reference architecture capitalizes on enterprise-grade infrastructure to provide the storage, compute, and networking equipment needed to handle even the most aggressive workload requirements.

Connected Infrastructure-as-a-Service

One of the most powerful features that we’ve built is Connected IaaS, a dedicated kit that supports the most resource intensive workloads. The environment connects to our general, multi-tenanted infrastructure, so that our customers are able to run workloads such as the 50TB, multi-million transaction beast mentioned above. Additionally, Connected IaaS helps to meet the most stringent compliance and security requirements, and connects with our other cloud services.

xStream Management Platform

Our xStream Cloud Management Platform provides a unified, cloud-agnostic control pane that brings together infrastructure orchestration, enterprise application automation, business intelligence and service delivery into a single tool.

This allows our customers to run mission-critical enterprise applications in the cloud, with the performance and scalability they need to be competitive.

Virtustream MicroVM (μVM) Technology

Virtustream’s μVM is our unique cloud resource technology that ensures cost efficiency, no matter how demanding or complicated the workloads. As part of our xStream Cloud Management Platform, the μVM construct dynamically tailors resource allocation to meet the exact workload demands and then, like a utility provider, only bills for the resources customers use.

While migrating and managing mission critical applications in the cloud has its challenges, working with an experienced partner will ensure success. Virtustream expertise in running SAP in the cloud is unmatched and our experts have extensive experience working directly with SAP applications. To find out more about how Virtustream helps enterprise customer migrate SAP and other mission critical applications to the cloud, click here