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How to Improve Return on Investments and Boost SAP Application Up-Time and Performance

Product Manager, SAP Portfolio
Thursday, May 28, 2020 in Enterprise, Managed Services, SAP

Enterprises of all sizes have built their businesses on mission-critical SAP applications, many of which require near-zero downtime. In a variety of industries, such as train and metro systems, air travel, banking, pharmaceutical research and healthcare, being unable to access mission-critical systems for a few hours, or even minutes, can significantly harm both the future of the business and their customers. In fact, more than 86% of the respondents to a recent Statista study say enterprise downtime can cost their businesses anywhere from $300,000 to more than $5,000,000 per hour.

For enterprises modernizing and moving to cloud, they not only need to focus on application up-time, but also on ensuring their IT staff has the right technical skills in place, including those related to SAP applications, cloud and workload migration best practices. To help fill these workforce and knowledge gaps, enterprises often explore supplementary services that leverage their cloud provider’s expertise and experience while enabling their in-house staff to dedicate more time to business priorities and innovation. 

Virtustream’s add-on services for SAP applications accomplish both of these goals for our customers, extending their return on investment and providing complete support for SAP applications running on the Virtustream Enterprise Cloud, including migration, management and managed availability services.

Delivering 99.95% Application Up-Time SLAs 

Virtustream recently announced Managed Availability services to extend mission-critical SAP application availability to an industry impressive 99.95%. For an entire year, this equates to just a few hours of total potential downtime, at a maximum. The new services complement Virtustream’s extensive xStreamCare Services portfolio, a comprehensive suite of professional and managed services for customers looking to migrate applications to the cloud.

In addition to Managed Availability Services, Virtustream’s Archiving and Data Management services can help customers right-size ERP applications or databases, thus reclaiming vital system space and infrastructure resources before migrating data to SAP S/4 HANA®. As a result, customers can reduce SAP-related costs, control massive data growth and improve compliance across the business.

The Archiving and Data Management add-on services use Virtustream’s proven, time-tested methodologies for analysis, rightsizing data in preparation for SAP HANA®, archiving data and then decommissioning legacy applications as appropriate.

Knowing How to Right-Size Your Data and Run Strategic What-If Scenarios Can Return Big Dividends to Your Bottomline

With thousands of SAP application migrations in its experience, Virtustream knows one of the first critical steps to take before cloud migration commences is to evaluate SAP data against several “what-if” scenarios. These scenarios consider how much space can be saved, if the data will test the limits of an appliance, and what the best architectural path forward looks like. With the support of Virtustream’s xStreamCare Services consultants, we help customers determine and define their best migration plan forward, including what to migrate, what requires limited access, and what can be removed. By streamlining the data and addressing potential issues in advance, the total cost of SAP HANA migrations can be reduced. With this approach, customers avoid paying to move and maintain access for unnecessary data.

Virtustream consultants can further analyze the data to help customers right-size systems in preparation for a quicker, smoother SAP HANA migration. Additionally, ongoing SAP data management maintains high-performance levels, ensuring mission-critical SAP applications operate efficiently and to their full potential for better business results. 

Data no longer required by the business or for day-to-day operations can be archived in secure, cost-effective storage solutions. Importantly, archived data can be accessed as required for audit or business needs. Virtustream’s archiving methodology includes preparation with thorough user testing for successful project outcomes. Virtustream’s Data Archiving services control data growth while supporting legal compliance requirements with defined data retention periods and enhanced capabilities for safely deleting archived data from main systems.

Finally, decommissioning obsolete systems can contribute to additional significant cost savings – however it can be a complex process. Virtustream delivers a clear, structured approach for decommissioning SAP and non-SAP systems to help customers maximize their return on investment.

In the long-term, Virtustream’s Managed Availability, Archiving and Data Management add-on services can collectively accelerate SAP HANA migrations and reduce costs while maintaining high-performance levels needed for mission-critical SAP applications. Virtustream’s comprehensive approach to delivering end-to-end industrialized cloud services has been helping customers for years to achieve their SAP migration goals.  Learn more about our SAP add-on services here.

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