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In Case You Missed It: Virtustream Healthcare Cloud Twitter Q&A with Drew Fassett

in Security, Cloud, Healthcare

We recently unveiled the latest updates and roadmap for the Virtustream Healthcare Cloud at Dell Technologies World 2018. With healthcare organizations all over the world racing to the cloud, the interest and excitement at the show was remarkable.

After the announcement, we grabbed Drew Fassett, vice president of global industries at Virtustream, for a candid Twitter chat about the future of healthcare in the cloud and how Virtustream is helping to advance the entire ecosystem with purpose-built cloud technology.

We covered a lot of ground over the course of an hour, but don’t worry if you missed it in real time. We’ve recapped the conversation here for you and in case you have any further questions, feel free to field them to @Virtustream on Twitter and be sure to give @DrewFassett a follow to stay in the loop on the latest in cloud.  

Virtustream is on a mission to accelerate the global health IT revolution with enterprise-class cloud infrastructure that works for healthcare service providers of every kind. To learn more about how Virtustream can help your healthcare organization digitally transform, schedule time to connect with a Healthcare Cloud specialist today.