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My Internship Experience: Talk Isn’t Cheap… It’s Priceless

Global Communications Intern
Tuesday, July 13, 2021 in Business, Customer Experience, Working Here

College is supposed to be the time of your life, an unforgettable four years that prepare you for the world of adulthood, right? Being an undergrad student during the pandemic has been quite a unique experience, to say the least. With fears of health risks, unemployment, expensive housing, and the highest living costs in history, it is a scary time to be a kid in your 20s. As I finally began to feel like I knew how to live on my own, I found myself sent home from my new college town that I was just getting used to.

Although COVID 19 has presented incredibly difficult challenges far more important than my college experience, I think it’s safe to say that many young adults have felt lost and confused during this unprecedented time. And then BAM! During these trying times, I landed an amazing internship at Virtustream this summer. This opportunity was the win I desperately needed, and feeling gratitude is an understatement. With this being my first internship, I faced several firsts during my starting week, from connecting with so many new, amazing individuals, to learning all about the cloud and technology industry nearly overnight.

I experienced my fair share of “aha” moments during my first week, but one particular area has stood out from the rest for me – and that is Virtustream’s unbending focus on customers.

As a communications major, I have learned about the importance of communication in the workplace throughout my course work. I’ve had outstanding professors who have taught communication theories in great detail. Still, in my first weeks as an intern, I gained a new appreciation for my chosen field. You can study communication theory front to back, however, without hands-on experience and working on communications that engage your customers directly – I believe you can never truly understand the importance and power of strong communications in a corporate environment.

Working with the Global Communications team and larger Global Marketing organization at Virtustream has shown me how important the communications function is and how a company can flounder without it. From a company’s culture to its brand reputation in the market, communications play a significant role.

Every new product, service, solution or internal initiative requires inputs from multiple teams, and I’ve enjoyed seeing how the communications function often serves as the bridge between different areas. Additionally, I’ve learned that strong communication skills are useful for any role in the corporate world. To this point, I’ve already had the pleasure to meet with several executives, and all have stressed the value of smart communications.

Putting the Customer First

Now that I have completed the first month of my internship, I have become well acquainted with Virtustream’s customer focus. Although every employee has their role within an organization, there is a teamwork attitude throughout to ensure that services are delivered and deadlines are met. It almost feels like a continuous group project centered on our customers that never ends. I’ve learned a lot about collaboration tools as a result.

Of course, internal communications for employees is critically important, but I have come to understand the significance of consistent and concise communications with our customers as well. Virtustream ensures that the customer is the top priority, and their positive experiences and satisfaction are paramount.  As my internship experience is only a few months in, this is just a glimpse into the value of communication in the workplace. I have already learned so much in my short time here at Virtustream, and I can only begin to imagine how much more I’ll learn by the end of the summer.

I look forward to the lessons and challenges that lie ahead and hope to gain valuable work experience from them all.

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