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Introducing the Virtustream Customer Trust Center

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Earning our customer’s trust has been at the foundation of the Virtustream culture since the beginning. As part of taking that commitment to the next level, we are introducing the Virtustream Trust Center: a single destination that explains how Virtustream fosters customer trust in all we do.

As we move forward into the second decade of cloud, the Virtustream Trust Center will be the go-to destination for information relating to our security, compliance, privacy, transparency, and service quality programs. A one-stop-shop for customers, prospects, and industry experts to learn how Virtustream is delivering the service levels that our enterprise customers demand when trusting us with their most critical business applications.

Great, you might say. Why introduce it now?

Organizations that want to modernize their businesses have learned it’s a tough road to go alone. The transformation journey generally requires a move to cloud, which often includes migrating your core mission-critical systems. These core systems – manufacturing systems, ecommerce systems, ERP systems, etc. – drive your business and manage critical data. These are not simple applications, and migrating them to a cloud environment is not to be taken lightly. These applications demand high, consistent, and assured performance protected by committed service levels, robust security, and an increasingly complex set of compliance requirements. Enterprise customers understand the risk associated with these applications, and need to work with providers that can earn their trust in order to advance their transformation programs.

Virtustream cloud operations, migration and management services, security and compliance programs, data privacy practices, operational transparency, and service quality are all designed to deliver on these requirements and to earn our customer’s trust.  The Virtustream Trust Center represents the work we do to earn that.

To get you acquainted, here’s the 5 tenets of Virtustream trust:


According to a Forrester Consulting thought-leadership paper, more than a third of the security challenges cited by the IT leaders surveyed involved privacy (42%) and the cost and time to modify security to not be perimeter based (33%). With expertise in this area, Virtustream cloud services employ industry-leading security capabilities to ensure data privacy and network access controls for its customers. Virtustream provides security services such as two-factor authentication and firewall setup as part of the base service. Additionally, Virtustream delivered security managed services are also available. Organizations can elect to use Virtustream expertise for anti-virus/anti-malware, host and network intrusion detection and prevention, firewall management, and log monitoring and management to enhance cloud security and to free staff to drive digital transformation.


In addition to being secure, clouds must be compliant with regulatory standards, which encompasses global, regional, and industry-specific regulations, as well as obligations specified in service agreements. With a strong compliance program in place, all Virtustream services have the appropriate certifications and attestations for regional laws, industry regulations, frameworks, and standards. Additionally, Virtustream technical data center personnel are government security cleared.


Data privacy is among the biggest security challenges facing enterprises across the globe. In addition to hardened physical data centers and security best practices, Virtustream, as a Dell Technologies business, works closely with the Dell Global Privacy Office to address this challenge. The Dell global privacy program is focused on ensuring the proper use and disclosure of customer’s personal data, including personal information subject to European Union (EU) data protection laws such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), as well as fostering a culture that values privacy through awareness. All Dell employees, including Virtustream employees, are trained on the proper use and disclosure of customer data.


Trust goes hand-in-hand with transparency; you can’t have one without the other. Virtustream provides you with visibility into how and where we process and store your data, and who has access to it. When requested, we also share audit reports with you as proof that what we say is what we do.

Virtustream believes in open dialog. We have established a customer advisory board as a forum for exchanges with customers and are always available to talk—or better yet, listen.

Service Quality 

Mission-critical applications require an enterprise-class cloud. Not surprisingly, IT professionals and users alike hope the move goes without a hitch and applications perform at least as well in the cloud as in in-house data centers. Unfortunately, per Forrester’s thought leadership paper, the majority of the early migrators surveyed (88%) experienced performance challenges while migrating mission-critical applications to cloud.

Unlike hyper-scale cloud providers, Virtustream addresses these challenges with Virtustream professional services for planning, migration, and onboarding, in addition to Virtustream managed services up to the operating system (OS) and database for running applications in the cloud. Service-level agreements (SLAs) guarantee 99.999% (5 nines) availability for infrastructure services (IaaS) and 99.99% (4 nines) availability for the OS and database layer, compared to hyper-scale cloud providers who provide 99.99% (4 nines) availability only up to the IaaS layer at best.

Virtustream Enterprise Cloud is a cloud you can trust for your mission-critical applications. Please visit the Virtustream Trust Center to learn more about the 5 tenets of Virtustream trust.