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Keeping Our Customers’ Mission-Critical Applications Running

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As the unprecedented situation of the novel coronavirus, COVID-19, continues to unfold, it has now come to touch all of us - our families, our communities and our customers. Today, I want to share how Virtustream is managing the situation and the operational model we have in place to fully support our customers and the running of your mission-critical applications. 

First and foremost, Virtustream, a Dell Technologies business, is monitoring the situation closely and our top priority is to protect the health and safety of our employees, customers, partners and communities where we operate. We have postponed in-person events and implemented strict travel restrictions and are leveraging our work-from-home model for team members. This is a model that we have already had in place for years for many of our employees and one that can be easily expanded for our broader workforce as necessary. In fact, all our Global Command Centers in the US, Europe and India have already enacted work-from-home contingency plans. We are well prepared to continue business operations remotely. 

We understand this is a very difficult situation for each of our customers. Your business and the smooth operation of your mission-critical workloads is a primary focus for us. We remain fully operational across Virtustream and we’re taking every action necessary, including our work with delivery partners, to continuously manage to our KPIs and to support our customers and partners throughout these uncertain times.

Our Business Continuity Plans Focus on Your Business’ Continuity

I also want to address our business continuity plans across our datacenter operations. Global workforce resilience and mobility is a key factor in our business continuity plans; the policies and plans necessary for protecting Virtustream’s cloud operations and critical business functions have been invoked and are currently in effect.

We have defined staffing plans to maintain the continuity of cloud services in all of our global locations, including staff coverage for security and operations monitoring, infrastructure expansion, routine maintenance, and any necessary customer support projects. Where possible, we’re employing remote engineering services as a precaution to further protect our team members. We have taken precautionary measures to ensure facilities are safe, sanitized and functional during this time. We’re executing against our pre-established business continuity and pandemic plans, and we are confident in our platform’s technical architecture and its ability to handle increased volume and load if necessary. These plans are part of Virtustream’s Business Continuity Management System (BCMS), which is certified to ISO 22301, the international standard for Business Continuity.

Protecting Customers, Partners and Team Members is Job #1 at Virtustream

Lastly, I want to address how Virtustream and Dell Technologies are protecting customers, partners and our own team members from the spread of the virus. First, we comply fully with all requirements of the countries in which we operate. Second, all Virtustream and Dell Technologies products, solutions and services are manufactured, operated and delivered in accordance with the company’s global health and safety policy and undergo rigorous screening prior to delivery, regardless of a facility’s location.

All facilities are prepared to institute quarantine protocols, if necessary, to protect the health and safety of employees, and prevent the spread of the illness. In addition to our employee travel restrictions, we’ve restricted international and domestic travel by customers, partners and suppliers to Virtustream and Dell Technologies facilities, ensuring visitors adhere to the same policies as our team members. If a person is feeling sick or has recently had any symptoms of illness, they cannot enter our facilities. We've advised team members around the world of this restriction, as well as provided medical guidance for remaining healthy and reporting symptoms.

We are here for you – our valued customers – and are committed to serving as your trusted cloud partner as we all navigate these uncharted waters together. We will continue to keep you informed of our business operations and plans as the situation evolves. For more information from Dell Technologies related to this situation, please go here and here.