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When Being Obsessive is a Good Thing

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Some people say I’m a creature of habit. They say this because I must sit in the same spot in a meeting room (always with a view of the door and from the back of the room) or I drink the exact same drink every day (and yes, café baristas know me by name and my drink!).  I do not think that is Obsessive Compulsive Disorder at all.  I call it, Obsessively Repetitive, Efficient and Orderly Syndrome, or OREOS.  I believe it is known globally as the cookie syndrome.  I have no idea why.

You may be asking why this is relevant.  Well, it’s because when you learn what works in your personal life, you can apply it to service delivery best practices.  

Our customers ask, “How are you innovating and becoming more efficient in your delivery of enterprise cloud services and what can we expect over time?”  I answer with the same approach I take in my personal life.  When there are inefficiencies, our services delivery team and I work hard every day to eliminate them.  

Let’s take socks for example. They always start out as a matched pair.  The same perfect shade and color with their greatest intentions of delivering their services as a team. However, as time goes by, one always decides to go rogue.  We never know where they go, we just know they do.  After a few months, we always have a few mismatched pairs because their twins have left the nesting drawer.  How do I solve this inevitable services dilemma?  The answer is very simple.  You buy all pairs of exactly the same type, at the same time, from the same manufacturer, and enough of them to last a very long time.  

I can assure you, I have never lost a sock because all I have to do is grab two; problem solved with a perfectly matched pair, with zero effort and thought every single time. This is how we are using automation and orchestration within our service delivery.  An individual IT department cannot be innovative to the extent that Virtustream Managed Services can, because they don’t always recognize mismatched socks.  We gain efficiency by discovering inefficiency with one customer, solving it and then returning it as a best practice for all of our other customers to benefit.  A service delivery problem solved with one-time effort, one-time thought, one-time resolution for repetitive applicability every single time.  This is how Virtustream works, we understand risk avoidance and are obsessively repetitive in our problem solving and best practices application.

Let’s take a different example.  I drive a very old pickup truck.  Sure, I like the new shiny ones, but as the old adage states, ‘if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it’.  I could not agree more, but this is exactly what some customers believe when they are discussing services.  On paper, the new and improved, or ‘as seen on TV’, doesn’t always turn out that way.  I do a lot of research on the latest and greatest technologies and services.  One item continually discussed is the methodologies of Dev Ops, Lean, Scrum and many others.  Please don’t misunderstand me, these are fantastic and have a place in the evolution of service delivery.  However, I recommend every customer conduct a cultural acceptance and assessment to understand how receptive their organization can change and at what pace.  I call this realization ‘road conditions’.  Most traffic signs will state a speed limit based upon ideal road conditions.  As a decision maker deciding on transforming your IT environment, please take as much time evaluating your IT staff’s willingness to change, their pride in what they have built and their saturation of the OREO syndrome before blindly deciding the road conditions ahead are hazard free.  Transformation of human effort should be calculated, controlled and planned.  Virtustream has a proven methodology for evolution of services, and one that easily adjusts for road conditions.

If you are wondering what innovation Virtustream Managed Services brings efficiency to the service delivery using our Virtustream xStream cloud management platform or how we can transform your environment with our proven Service Delivery Frameworks, please pass the milk and let us explain.