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Migrating Dell Digital’s ERP System to Virtustream Enterprise Cloud

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When a world-class technology company like Dell Technologies looks for a strategic business partner, it goes to the best. That’s why the tech giant recently chose from its own family of businesses to leverage Virtustream’s mission critical SAP cloud expertise to migrate its SAP-based Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, to the cloud.

 Announced today, the partnership is a major endorsement for Virtustream Enterprise Cloud. It’s a clear signal of Dell Technologies’ confidence in Virtustream’s enterprise-class cloud software and services, and a prime example of why the world’s leading companies are partnering with Virtustream for cloud migration.

Dell Technologies operates one of the largest businesses on the planet. Dell Digital’s SAP-based ERP system helps make it all possible by supporting more than 60,000 users on numerous core applications and 13 business tools, including SAP Business Warehouse – the data warehouse that hosts Dell EMC’s mission-critical data on customer orders, shipments, invoices and other critical data. Needless to say, it’s a highly complex IT environment with a long list of unique requirements and certifications to manage. 

While the cloud can help enterprise companies transform their business with newfound speed, agility and operational excellence, every migration involves unique obstacles and challenges. From the start of each migration project, enterprises need to focus not just on their workloads, but what business results they can drive in support of productivity and efficiency. Customers need to ask their potential cloud service providers a few basic questions before they move to the cloud, including:

  1. How do you assure performance?
  2. What is the cost model?
  3. When and how quickly can you start a migration?
  4. Who are your reference customers?
  5. How are you different than others in the space?

It’s important to choose a long-term cloud provider that can partner with an enterprise and grow with its changing IT needs as well as emerging technologies and industry trends.

Here at Virtustream, we’ve solved our fair share of difficult engineering problems. We approach extreme workloads like Dell Technologies’ using purpose-built systems to support mission-critical workloads; and connected Infrastructure-as-a-Service, which is a dedicated solution that can support the most resource-intensive workloads and helps meet the most stringent compliance and security requirements. We also offer the xStream Management Platform, which provides a unified, cloud-agnostic control pane that brings together infrastructure orchestration, enterprise application automation, business intelligence and service delivery into a single tool and view. Additionally, Virtustream’s MicroVM (μVM) Technology ensures cost efficiencies and dynamically tailors resource allocation to meet exact workload demands and, in turn, much like a utility provider, only bills for the resources that customers use. All of these components allow our customers to run mission-critical enterprise applications in the cloud, with the performance, agility and scalability they need to be competitive.

So, how did this migration project come together? It all started earlier this year when CIOs from across the Dell Technologies family met to discuss ideas and strategies for working “better together” – a key theme at these now-regular meetings. What began as a broad discussion about cloud migration quickly turned into a planning session. Developing multi-cloud strategies were top-of-mind for the IT leadership team at Dell Technologies. They wanted to explore the possibility of Virtustream partnering with Dell Technologies to provide the same sophisticated suite of enterprise-level cloud services and solutions it does for its customers around the world.

According to Scott Pittman, senior vice president, Dell Digital’s Office of the CIO, “Like our customers, we are driving a transformative and modern multi-cloud strategy to support our dynamic business needs. This transformation began when we were tasked with delivering the largest tech merger in history, which required integrating and enhancing the performance of all systems and applications.”

“Virtustream provides the flexibility and scalability needed to quickly extend our cloud, as well as the deep SAP experience and knowledge we need to make timely decisions with our critical ERP systems,” Pittman added. “This is another great example of a project that will not only enhance our own business operations, but also creates a set of best practices that we can share with our customers.”

Virtustream’s enterprise-class cloud solutions have a long and well-established track record of supporting mission-critical ERP solutions. Naturally, this made Virtustream a perfect fit for this project. In less than three months, the team managed to create a functioning proof-of-concept demonstrating some of the key ways Virtustream Enterprise Cloud would offer flexibility and scalability to support Dell’s dynamic business needs. Shortly thereafter, Dell Technologies and Virtustream forged a partnership to migrate hundreds of servers to support its mission-critical SAP Business Warehouse across multiple on-premise, cloud, public and private environments to Virtustream Enterprise Cloud.

Once the migration is complete, Dell Technologies will have the ability to easily scale IT resources and storage, support mission-critical data sets in real-time, and consistently match fluctuating business demands throughout the year.  By relying on Virtustream’s specialized technology and deep bench of experts in cloud infrastructure and security, Dell IT will also free up internal teams to focus on more strategic aspects of their business.  Additionally, moving to Virtustream Enterprise Cloud has already facilitated greater productivity for Dell. Tasks take less time, which improves Dell’s customer experience, decreases latency and increases overall productivity.