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Summer Reading: Simplify Cloud Storage with Virtustream Storage Cloud

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Here we are, now into July, with yet another IT conference and product launch season behind us. Many of us are looking forward to a quiet summer stretch as we unpack our work bags, stretch our legs, and finally get to bed at a reasonable hour (unless you are fortunate enough to get normal sleep in Orlando or Las Vegas).

More importantly, for the most part, we can put high intensity product planning, development, and delivery activities on hiatus for a few months while we focus on the simple, but incredibly important, task of reviewing all the information gathered over the last few weeks. Specifically, customer feedback.

Fortunately for us at Virtustream, the conference and launch season gives us the opportunity to tell our story to thousands of customers, partners, and analysts. The feedback is incredible – both in volume and in authenticity – what to build, how to price, and, essentially, how to quickly address our customers’ most pressing enterprise needs. We use this as an opportunity to prepare for the rest of the year – and beyond.

For those customers looking for cloud storage, this year was no exception. Through hundreds of conversations, there was a common theme that resonated across all customer industries, geographies, and business goals: I want cloud storage, but I want it to be simple, and I want it to be enterprise-class.

Our job starts with understanding what exactly customers mean by simple and enterprise-class. While I have written about this before, here is a short summary:


  • Cloud storage needs to be ready and easy to use with existing on-premises solutions.
  • Cloud storage service options need to be tightly aligned with the most common use cases.
  • Purchasing and pricing must be simple and predictable over at least a year’s time.
  • Cloud storage needs to be co-engineered with on-premises technology.
  • Customer support needs to be included.


  • Cloud storage needs to be available (always). Bonus points for geographic protection against unplanned downtime.
  • The service must have the highest data durability (data protection) available.
  • Cloud storage needs to preserve on-premises solution efficiencies (i.e. Support small object sizes to preserve high deduplication ratios in the cloud).
  • Customers need to be able to choose the datacenter location that best suits their data needs.
  • Customer support needs to be seamless with enterprise, on-premises solutions. This means one number to call from datacenter to cloud.

If you are looking for a quick summer read, and you want to know more about what it means for cloud storage to be simple and enterprise-class, you can find more detail in the following brief by the Enterprise Strategy Group.

Read the paper here:

Enterprise Strategy Group Solution Showcase: Simplifying Cloud Storage for Enterprise Customers with Virtustream Storage Cloud