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The Perils of DIY Public Cloud: A Cautionary Tale

By Rob Bissett, Director, Strategic Marketing at Virtustream, @robbissett If you have been following cloud news lately, you will have surmised that for all its promise, cloud computing is ... hard. In recent weeks, several well-known enterprises have accidentally exposed...

Accelerate your SAP HANA Cloud Deployment

By Jake Echanove, Director, Systems Engineering - Americas, @JakeEchanove The cloud has enabled hundreds, if not thousands, of customers to realize the value of HANA without the lengthy and expensive procurement process of acquiring HANA certified compute nodes, and...


Five “Gotchas” When Migrating to HANA

By Jake Echanove, Director, Systems Engineering - Americas, @JakeEchanove One of my C-level execs shot me a short email the other day: Jake: In your experience, what are the five most common 'gotchas' that a customer should prepare for when migrating to HANA and the business...