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The Tenets of a Trusted Cloud Partner Should Include Security, Compliance, Privacy and Transparency

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Choosing a cloud provider for mission-critical applications and workloads is about finding a trusted partnership as much as it’s about the economics or strategic imperatives of any given cloud solution. Customers want to know their applications and data will be secure, meet regulatory requirements, and deliver high-performance results for the needs of the business.

A rigorous approach to information security management is core to the way we vigilantly manage our facilities and operations at Virtustream. Cloud-delivered systems must be compliant with both obligations that are specified in service agreements as well as regulatory standards, which can encompass global, regional and industry-specific regulations. That’s why Virtustream’s cloud services include the required certifications and attestations necessary for our customers, and our technical datacenter personnel are government-security cleared.

We understand customers’ concerns and offer a single-hand-to-shake approach to security that sets Virtustream apart as a trusted partner. Our cloud operations, migration and management services, security and compliance programs, data privacy practices, and service quality are all designed to sustain the trust we have built with the biggest brands on the planet. 

At Virtustream, our Trust team’s motto is “Security is Everyone’s Job,” but this only works if the entire team internalizes that mantra, takes personal ownership in it, and understands how it helps us and our customers succeed. We believe our relationships with customers and their experiences are the ultimate differentiator and the foundation for our success. Core to our ethos and our approach to each and every relationship is the fact that we’re constantly striving to provide the highest level of trust for our customers, which is not only inclusive of security but also compliance, privacy and transparency.

A new case study transparently illustrates our capabilities that strengthen security postures and overall trust. Read it to learn how we’re partnering with Trend Micro to deliver greater value for our customers and provide the strict security, privacy, compliance and regulatory requirements they need to meet their ever-expanding requirements. To learn more about how we navigate the four tenets of trust – security, compliance, privacy and transparency – visit our Virtustream Trust Center