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The Stage is Set

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These are exciting times for Virtustream. We’ve hit the ground running, and I’m thrilled about the new year and what’s in store.

First, it’s an honor to be leading an EMC Federation company alongside some of the most talented professionals in the industry. Our new structure gives us the scalability and reach to extend our global footprint in the complex, mission-critical cloud applications market. This is no small feat, and when you add that we’re just getting started, the future is looking brighter than ever. We aspire to record growth in 2016 in a number of our business segments and have assembled a portfolio of software and services that will allow us to partner even more deeply with our enterprise, service provider and public sector customers.

On January 27th, EMC held its Q4 earnings call, and Virtustream was featured as a significant part of the Federation’s growth strategy. Joe Tucci, EMC chairman and CEO, shared his thoughts on our ability to drive even higher growth rates in 2016 and beyond. The stage is set for us to aggressively pursue our growth agenda in 2016, and with our great team, Federation partners, and most importantly our customers, that’s just what we intend to do. Here’s a brief excerpt from Wednesday’s call.

“Virtustream, our newest Federation company, has fortified the EMC hybrid cloud portfolio. It ended Q4 with the strongest bookings quarter in its history. Since our last earnings call, we've evolved our approach relative to the integration of Virtustream. Importantly, we wanted to better leverage VMware's enhanced multi-cloud, multi-device strategy and ensure that Virtustream continues to be a premier vCAN partner, embracing VMware's technology suite.

We have decided to focus Virtustream on two key high-growth cloud opportunities. The first area is Virtustream's heritage, namely to run complex mission-critical business applications on its modern cloud architecture, which features Virtustream's internally developed xStream software technology, a true differentiator.

EMC's strength is highly complementary here as its infrastructure principally supports mission-critical applications across its vast global customer base.

The second cloud area in which Virtustream will focus leverages EMC's most trusted position: the enterprise storage arena, by offering a portfolio of cloud-based solutions for tiered data storage, archiving, backup and disaster recovery.

To help accelerate this second cloud storage thrust, we moved EMC II's cloud-based commercial object storage service and its managed services business into Virtustream earlier this month.

Collectively, the new Virtustream will start out life with nearly $100 million in quarterly revenue. As I've said before, we are expecting very high growth in this area. Both Michael Dell and I are very excited about the prospects of our Virtustream business and feel that our combined synergies will drive even higher growth rates for this business in 2016 and beyond.”