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Three Keys to Customer Experience Excellence in the Cloud

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Last month, we were delighted that Virtustream was crowned the winner of the ‘Best Cloud Support Provider’ category at the prestigious Computing Cloud Excellence Awards 2020. This news followed on the heels of Virtustream being named a finalist in the ‘Innovation in Managed Services Strategic Adaptation’ category at the influential Technology & Services Industry Association (TSIA)’s 2020 STAR Awards for our xStreamCare Services offerings. 

It is an honor to be publicly recognized by both organizations for our commitment to outstanding innovation, leadership and excellence in our services and support, and is a testament to the great team we have at Virtustream focused on making the magic happen for our customers.

Over the past 10 years we’ve learned a thing or two about how to deliver the highest standard of customer experience for organizations looking to run mission-critical SAP and Healthcare workloads in the cloud. Here are three attributes we live by at Virtustream that I’m proud of and that set us apart:

1.  Offer full accountability through a ‘one-hand-to-shake’ approach

Since the launch of xStreamCare Services in May 2019, we have always championed a ‘one-hand-to-shake’ approach in our engagements with customers, continually extending what we can do for them, and offering a unified end-to-end model, via a dedicated and focused team. Customers in large enterprises and healthcare organizations value clarity and simplicity, particularly since our work involves the migration and implementation of complex mission-critical applications and workloads. Our model means that Virtustream provides complete accountability as the single provider of enterprise cloud, modernization, migration and ongoing management as well as 24x7x365 support. In other words: our customers know that we are their one-stop shop. This all-encompassing approach eliminates the complexities of dealing with multiple vendors, hardware and software procurement, or upskilling the existing IT staff.

2.  Take action on customer feedback

It may seem obvious that listening to your customers is fundamental to making sure you’re delivering the highest quality services, but just hearing what they have to say is only half the story. Customers only feel like they are truly being heard when their technology and service partners acknowledge feedback and are actively prepared to make changes and adaptations to any aspect of the service they provide.

From the Virtustream perspective, xStreamCare Services found its genesis in our customer engagement. Customer discussions consistently focused on requests for more automation, such as Ticketing Integration Services, adopted by several customers including leading healthcare provider Franciscan Health. By integrating its ticketing environment with Virtustream’s ServiceNow instance, our customers are better supported through automated bi-directional ticket updates, increased ticket data accuracy and quicker time to resolution resulting from human-error reduction and improved response times. In general, our customers are looking for service and support models that accelerate their initiatives and reduce risk. As the cloud landscapes become broader and more complex, customers will increasingly seek trusted advisors to guide them through decisions and simplify ongoing operations.

3.  Don’t sit still! Innovation needs to be integral to your culture

Everyone in our xStreamCare Services and Support organization is committed to continuous innovation and improvement of the portfolio, and we’re not stopping there! It is precisely our customer conversations that have helped us make our service uniquely personal and customized to each customer’s needs. In the next phase of self-service capabilities, we are expanding our fully tailored experience throughout our support organization. A new business portal will bring together multiple customer entry points into a unified view. This single interface across distributed IT platforms can be added to existing IT environments to enhance a customer’s overall cloud experience. We value the close partnerships that we’ve built with our customers and make sure we are constantly adapting to changes in their needs and requirements. That’s the Virtustream difference!

Enterprise IT leaders around the world are looking to optimize performance, reduce operating and support costs, and improve service levels. xStreamCare Services enable these leaders to take a strategic, platform-agnostic approach by optimizing the management of traditional workloads while accelerating cloud-native application deployments. By building on Virtustream’s decade-long experience, end-to-end industrialized processes, and deep technical expertise in migrating and managing enterprise-class applications in the cloud, xStreamCare Services deliver a proven modernization process for your enterprise applications.

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