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Virtustream at HIMSS

Director of Healthcare Product Strategy & Management
Tuesday, February 12, 2019 in Cloud, Events, Healthcare

With ever smarter and more personalized healthcare technology entering the market, customers’ expectations of their healthcare providers are rapidly changing.  IT is no longer hiding in the back office. Instead, the pressure on health IT professionals to step to the forefront and address these changes is mounting rapidly.  At the Healthcare Information Management Systems Society (HIMSS) annual conference this week, you will see many healthcare CIOs talking about Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems in the cloud as a vehicle to provide clinicians and patients with tools to improve patient outcomes. In fact, the global EHR market is expected to rise to $36.6B by 2021 (Kalorama Information, April 2017), reflecting a market that continues to grow and expand.

EHR systems have become an essential clinical platform and today’s leading healthcare organizations are increasingly looking to the cloud to drive efficiency, scalability and better patient experiences.

Addressing Healthcare Pain Points with Mission-Critical Care from the Cloud

As we have seen first-hand in working with our healthcare customers, a secure, reliable, standards-compliant cloud can solve numerous headaches. For one, the cloud provides increased flexibility, with automated self-service and standardized, service-level agreement (SLA)-driven managed services, including pre-configured templates, rapid provisioning, and faster response to changing business needs. Rather than spending resources on just running your EHR, customers can focus on using the EHR solution to improve the quality of care and the patient experience. New features and functions of EHR solutions are adopted quickly without spending unplanned dollars for hardware or staffing.

Secondly, customers are also looking for better peace of mind, which is what they get with cloud vendors that have a deep knowledge of the healthcare industry, and who deliver the availability and performance required to support their most demanding application profiles.

Lastly, healthcare customers aim for decreased risk when moving to the cloud. They are looking for industry-leading infrastructure availability with SLAs up to 99.999%, and a partner that adheres to HIPAA, HITRUST and international regulations, with expertise that guarantees a healthcare provider’s protected health information remains secure.

For many healthcare providers, the full value of existing investments such as EHR and other foundational technologies has yet to be realized. Fully capable EHR solutions can be complex to manage, with IT often needing to accommodate frequent software upgrades, which can then trigger unplanned hardware upgrades.

Redesigned Virtustream Healthcare Cloud and Virtustream Managed EHR Platform Service

Virtustream Healthcare Cloud and Virtustream Managed EHR Platform Service offer managed and professional services as part of a single, healthcare-focused cloud offering.  This offering enables providers to run their EHR environment and ancillary, supporting workloads in a HIPAA/HITECH-compliant cloud purpose-built for mission critical healthcare applications allowing rapid response to changing system needs. By engaging Virtustream Healthcare Cloud, healthcare providers have the option to implement an around-the-clock, white-gloved managed service, enabling them to focus on their core business while also providing innovative healthcare services and optimizing the value delivered from existing systems. Additionally, Virtustream Healthcare Cloud removes the burden of operating difficult to maintain applications, all while reducing application TCO.

The newly redesigned Virtustream Healthcare Cloud provides healthcare customers with a stronger platform for digital transformation. This redesigned cloud hosts EHR application platforms and supporting workloads economically and at scale, and where customers can optionally layer in the Virtustream Managed EHR Platform Service.  This includes Virtustream Healthcare Cloud, management of VMware Horizon View for application delivery, and managed services for the EHR platform environment, which includes the customer’s EHR system database plus the EHR supporting ecosystem. It also includes extensive levels of hardware and software orchestration that may serve as the foundation for future healthcare-related capabilities and services.

If you would like to learn more and are at HIMSS this week, please stop by and visit our booth for whiteboard presentations and other materials (#7845).

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