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Virtustream Deep Dives: EMA’s Latest Report and Decision Guide

in Security, Cloud, Healthcare Cloud, API

Virtustream tops the list of enterprise-class hybrid cloud solutions, according the latest Decision Guide from IT industry analyst firm Enterprise Management Associates (EMA). Researchers surveyed 260 randomly-selected companies in North America with 500+ employees to identify top enterprise IT priorities. EMA then identified the top IT vendors across each category, with Virtustream leading across the board.

To help enterprise decision-makers better understand what sets Virtustream apart, I sat down with EMA’s Managing Research Director, Torsten Volk, for a series of video deep dives on key topics ranging from information security and compliance to APIs and application onboarding.

Here’s a quick look at each video with key highlights: 

Mission-critical apps

The vast majority of enterprise IT resources are still focused on delivering legacy applications. Teams work tirelessly to keep them running which limits their ability to focus on innovation. Virtustream built a set of cloud services focused specifically on these apps, which helps deliver cloud value without having to re-architect or replace them, and enables the organization to focus on innovation rather than operations. This greatly improves time to value, and reduces total cost of ownership (TCO).

Security and compliance

Security is always evolving. The major trend today is baking security in at the application layer instead of attaching it to perimeter. This makes sense when architecting new apps, but it’s easier said than done for legacy applications, and the cost of getting security wrong for the enterprise is getting higher by the day. In this video, we discuss how Virtustream helps enterprises address security and regulatory challenges as part of a cloud migration strategy.

Application onboarding

How do IT teams compromise between cost and risk? It’s about building competency, expertise, and bulletproof processes. Enterprises often try to take these tasks on themselves, but don’t have the bench to do it properly and struggle to make it work. The whole premise of cloud is to focus on core competency, and this should apply to migration and management as well. We discuss alternative strategies for building and managing migration teams in this video. 

The API race

Nowadays, everyone is building APIs for everything. We believe in the API economy, and leveraging automation and integration to create scale. With legacy enterprise applications, however, this isn’t always the place to start.  With some apps, you need a different approach. What’s more, we believe there is a critical mass of internal, legacy applications in the enterprise that will always need to run in a private, highly secure environment. 

Backup and recovery

Backup is boring – until you need it. With many existing enterprise mission critical applications lacking integrated “cloud triggers” and native horizontal scaling capabilities, backup is a critical component of your infrastructure architecture. That’s why all Virtustream data centers are paired and replication is built into the system. With every cloud migration, Virtustream provides replication at the infrastructure layer via private networking.

Healthcare cloud

Mission-critical enterprise migrations are Virtustream’s bread and butter. We have always focused on core enterprise applications like SAP, but we believe there are many industries with applications that are not well-suited for hyper-scale public clouds, such as healthcare. That’s because when it comes to critical applications and highly-sensitive data, it’s always best to use purpose-built tools.  Our Healthcare cloud offerings enable the application of our core focus to services like EMR, records storage, and long term archiving of imagery data. 

To learn more about how we are different, and how Virtustream can help your enterprise navigate cloud migration, connect with one of our migration specialists today.