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Virtustream is Committed to Providing a True Enterprise-Class Cloud

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When most people hear or read the term “public cloud,” they often think of the various general-purpose clouds that enable customers to rent compute instances by the day, hour, or minute. These clouds are appropriate for many business applications with limited performance, availability, and other reduced requirements.

Virtustream, however, has a decidedly different public cloud strategy. Virtustream’s public cloud offerings have always been purpose-built to meet the needs of enterprise customers. In other words, customers with applications that are mission-critical and often more complex than applications that can run in a general purpose cloud.

This has been Virtustream’s focus since its founding. Many enterprise workloads are not well-suited for general-purpose clouds, whether it be because of high resource usage requirements, the workload not fitting a scale-out model, or concerns over security and compliance.

Virtustream remains committed to meeting the needs of enterprise customers today. More importantly, we have increased our commitment to improving our enterprise customers’ experience in the cloud.

As examples of this commitment, I invite you to look at Virtustream’s announcements from the Dell Technologies World 2018 conference earlier this month. The first announcement was on enhancements to our Healthcare Cloud and the second was on enhancements to our automated risk and compliance management software, Virtustream Viewtrust. Between them, these two offerings address the needs of some of our customers’ most demanding applications and environments.

Virtustream Healthcare Cloud is a purpose-built cloud offering designed to meet the specific increased security and regulatory compliance needs of healthcare providers. The enhancements to Virtustream Healthcare Cloud include:

  • New flexible disaster recovery options for customers using Epic for their electronic health records (EHR)
  • Improved operational and patient insight available through SAP Health, powered by SAP S/4HANA solutions
  • Enhanced ease of migration and integration of EHR systems that help advance precision medicine and personalized patient care

(Details on the Virtustream Healthcare Cloud announcement are available in the press release here.)

Virtustream Viewtrust is our risk management and continuous compliance monitoring solution. It proactively identifies potential risks, enables immediate remediation, and delivers the reports needed for regulatory oversight. Organizations can implement a comprehensive information security strategy to comply with many compliance requirements such as FISMA, SOX, PCI DSS, HIPAA, ISO 27001, FedRAMP and more, in addition to providing for custom user-defined compliance frameworks. Previously, Viewtrust has been available to customers as either an on-premises software deployment or as a managed service offering within Virtustream Enterprise, Federal, or Healthcare Cloud. The announcement at Dell Technologies World centered on how Viewtrust will now also be available as a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) offering.

This new deployment offering is a big deal for enterprise customers for several reasons:

  • It allows customers the option of receiving all the benefits of Viewtrust through a true self-service model
  • It enables customers to have a single view of their entire enterprise IT landscape and gives organizations the ability to remediate systems in a proactive, efficient, repeatable, and consistent manner across the entire business, regardless of location, through a simplified Software-as-a-Serivce (SaaS) consumption model
  • It provides customers with a single risk and compliance dashboard view of their entire IT environment, despite the ever-increasing volumes of data involved

(Details on the Virtustream Viewtrust announcement are available in the press release here.)

As you can see, here at Virtustream we are committed to providing the best enterprise-class cloud offerings and services to our customers, and then improving upon that. Look for more examples of this commitment in action in the other announcements we’ll be making later this year.