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A Quick Overview of Virtustream’s Technology. Go!

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I was recently at a Fortune 500 cloud IaaS prospect and a senior technology executive there gave me “one opportunity” to describe what Virtustream did technologically and why she should care. Her two stipulations were that I had to make my case in 5 minutes or less, and without the use of any visual aids. She then just simply said, “Go:”

So I took a breath and went:

xStream, the cloud management software that powers Virtustream’s cloud IaaS, resides as an abstraction-based control plane above the virtual machine management layer in the cloud IaaS Stack. Our software diffuses the definitional bounds of virtual machines so we can size and service technology landscapes to the individual application requirements for compute, RAM, storage IOPs and network bandwidth. We then pool these resources in aggregate and optimally use them individually across our entire estate of hardware to service our entire estate of customers, sizing customer resource pools to specific QoS requirements. This allows us to always ensure that we have the required IOPs to guarantee the latency of the applications that run on our cloud, without over-provisioning hardware to do so.

This is particularly helpful for running heavyweight enterprise apps in the cloud (SAP systems and their residual interface apps, as an example), commercially guaranteeing application response times in production environments, eliminating unnecessary virtual machine "headroom" and ultimately billing customers on the individual resources they consume as opposed to allocation-based instance sizes. This allows us to offer a highly efficient service from both a unit price and volume of purchase perspective, while also being able to commercially assure the performance of mission critical apps running on our cloud.

We have also focused intensely on automating the functions required to maintain enterprise application landscapes. To accomplish this we have written a macro-orchestrator that sits atop an open platform which automates, through a library of digitized blueprints, the inter-dependent and sequenced actions (start, stop, clone, refresh, etc.) and the various system components (app servers, data base servers, web servers, etc.) of that landscape to perform a particular type of action (patching, application maintenance, upgrades, etc.) on the environment. This area is another huge differentiator for us particularly for SAP environments today, with Oracle on our near-term roadmap. We do not just address the automation of these management functions for the SAP or Oracle enterprise apps, but for the full ecosystem of web apps that interface with these core enterprise apps as well. This fundamentally allows us to manage more application landscapes with less system/application admin labor.

Finally, we add to this a rigorous set of security and automated compliance features that have largely been recognized by Gartner as best in class. From the table-stakes stuff of role-based access, the segregation of logical and physical assets, authentication, etc., through to the more complex features of encrypting data without damaging IO performance, through to performing silicon-level system integrity attestation (thru Intel TXT) and providing for the automated ingestion of massive amounts of sensor-generated technology asset data to perform continuous monitoring of assets for vulnerability and compliance-adherence. This area has also been a huge differentiator for us. We run the most secure cloud IaaS in the world.


We got that deal. Not because of my 5-minute pitch, but because of the real technology described in that 5 minutes.

The above is simply intended as a short introductory overview to Virtustream’s technology. There is a tremendous degree of further detail in the product sections, white papers, case studies, and other areas of our web site. Additional technical content for specific use-case requirements are also available by way of contacting us.