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Who to Watch in 2018: Top 10 Cloud Influencers

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As we begin 2018, many are reflecting on the cloud sector’s remarkable progress in 2017. Over the last 12 months, we’ve seen enterprise cloud adoption rise to all-time highs, mission-critical app migration rates grow, enterprises embrace multi-cloud and more.

The great cloud migration is underway, and 2018 is shaping up to the biggest year yet. To help you keep up with the latest, here’s our list of top cloud industry influencers to follow. Reporting from the front lines of cloud, these journalists, analysts and thought leaders are in a league of their own.

1. Angus Loten, The Wall Street Journal: Covering enterprise IT for The Journal, Angus Loten’s articles span an ever-growing array of technologies, including cloud. He reports on the digital trends impacting businesses at the CIO level and goes deep on every story. One of our favorites is, “CIOs Contend With Ever-Expanding Range of Cloud Services.” Read more of his stories here and follow him @angusloten

2. Barb Darrow, Freelance/The Information: Formerly the top cloud and enterprise reporter at Fortune, Barb Darrow is now covering the cloud sector at The Information. With 20+ years in the business, she’s widely considered the go-to reporter on all things cloud. Read her stories for an in-depth look at what’s happening in the industry and how it’s being shaped by the major cloud players. Follow Darrow @gigabarb and keep a look out for her stories at The Information (and be sure to check out some of her previous ones at Fortune). 

3. Brandon Butler, IDC and formerly Network World: Brandon Butler is a senior research analyst at IDC and formerly Network World’s leading cloud computing reporter, where he covered larger cloud vendors, and exciting new startups. Brandon now focuses on enterprise networks at IDC and is responsible for marketing and technology trends, forecasts, and competitive analysis. Check out his Cloud Chronicles blog for his earlier stories that cover the technical aspects of cloud, its business impact and broader industry trends. You can follow him @BButlerIDC.

4. Charlie Babcock, Formerly InformationWeek: Although recently retired, Charlie Babcock remains one of the sharpest reporters in the cloud industry. Check out his profile on InformationWeek if you’re looking for a deeper understanding of cloud and other enterprise technology. You can follow him @babcockcw for regular commentary and insights.

5. Clint Boulton, CIO: Clint Boulton is a senior writer at CIO, where he covers a variety of topics related to enterprise tech. While he doesn’t specialize in cloud specifically, Clint knows the industry and often writes about how businesses are finding value from cloud advancements. Learn more about everything from cloud computing to machine learning from his CIO articles and follow him @ClintBoulton.

6. Derrick Harris, Architect: A former enterprise reporter at Gigaom, Derrick Harris recently launched his own publication, Architect, which delivers the latest news and analysis on cloud computing. If you’re interested in the business of cloud and how companies can continue to differentiate themselves in a constantly growing market, he’s your guy. Follow Harris @derrickharris and sign up for Architect’s newsletter.

7. George Anadiotis, Analyst and ZDNet contributor: A jack of all trades, George Anadiotis comes from a traditional IT background and now runs his own consulting agency, where he helps enterprises capture the most value from technology and big data. He is also a regular contributor at ZDNet, where he shares insights on a range of topics, from cloud computing to blockchain to big data. Follow him @linked_do

8. Lauren Nelson, Forrester: Specializing in enterprise cloud adoption trends, the state of cloud standardization, and cloud metrics creation, Lauren Nelson is Forrester’s lead analyst on all things cloud infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS). Check out her latest research and commentary at Forrester and follow her @lauren_e_nelson.

9. Lydia Leong, Gartner: Lydia Leong is a distinguished Gartner analyst covering cloud computing and infrastructure strategies – particularly IaaS. As cloud technology continues to shape the IT landscape, Lydia covers a range of topics related to the transformation of IT organizations and provides strategic and quantitative research for vendors and investors. Read some of her recent Gartner research and follow her on Twitter @cloudpundit.

10. Michelle Bailey, 451 Research: Michelle Bailey is the Chief Research Officer at 451 Research, where she focuses on quantifying the impact of emerging and disruptive technologies. One of the first to articulate the short and long-term impact of cloud computing, she’s a must-watch analyst in the cloud space. Follow her @mbailey316 and check out her research to get ahead of the newest trends in cloud and for the latest on all the major companies in the industry. 

Bonus! Dina Bass, Bloomberg: Dina Bass is a Bloomberg News tech reporter covering AI, the broader software industry, and cloud infrastructure trends and technologies. Stay up to date with her coverage to see how the market is moving and what the business implications are for organizations when it comes to cloud. Read her latest stories here and follow her @DinaBass.