Virtustream Enterprise Cloud

The right foundation for enterprise transformation.

Virtustream Enterprise Cloud is the only platform designed specifically for handling mission-critical applications.

Built for the enterprise

Not all clouds are created equally. Unlike general purpose public clouds, Virtustream Enterprise Cloud is a true enterprise-class cloud, built to run complex, mission-critical enterprise applications. Virtustream Enterprise Cloud simplifies the enterprise cloud migration journey for traditional enterprise applications – especially those not designed for cloud, all while driving down application TCO and time-to-cloud, supported by a full suite of professional, migration, and managed services.

For enterprises, Virtustream Enterprise Cloud offers guaranteed high availability and performance backed by industry leading 99.999% infrastructure SLAs, integrated security, compliance, backup, and disaster recovery solutions, all while achieving superior economics to maximize their IT investments. 

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High availability and resiliency

Enterprise mission-critical applications are the life’s blood of the modern enterprise.  For these applications, availability is key. Virtustream Enterprise Cloud was architected to deliver unparalleled availability – from its enterprise-class, highly redundant architectures powered by Dell EMC infrastructure and VMware based virtualization, to multi-data center replication services, to available managed private networking solutions. Virtustream Enterprise Cloud delivers with industry-leading Service Level Agreements (SLAs), including 99.999% guarantees at the Infrastructure level, and available 99.95% SLAs at the application level, when optional managed services are selected.

Security and compliance

From the infrastructure up, we’ve designed and built our platform with security at the top of mind. The solution includes a comprehensive set of integrated security controls and services to match a given workload to the appropriate IT security infrastructure. This includes services like integrated software firewall management, host based anti-virus services, disk encryption, and host and network-based intrusion detection services. When combined with wide range of industry-specific and government certifications like PCI DSS, ISO 9001:2015/27001:2013, iRAP, HIPAA, FedRAMP, HITRUST, SOC 2 and others, Virtustream Enterprise Cloud creates a trusted environment to run even the most sensitive enterprise data. 



True consumption pricing

Virtustream pioneered a revolutionary consumption-based economic model based on actual consumption of cloud resources. This means you only pay for the resources you actually use in Virtustream Enterprise Cloud, rather than the traditional cloud model where you pay for what you allocate. For enterprise applications that are designed using scale-up architectures, our industry unique, patented MicroVM(µVM) cloud resource allocation and management technology can radically alter the economics of cloud.  It measures fine-grained measurement of compute, memory, network, and storage consumption, reducing inefficiencies and creating significant cost savings while eliminating virtualized overhead from unused or underutilized virtual machines. 

Powered by xStream®

Virtustream Enterprise Cloud is powered by our innovative xStream cloud management platform. xStream was built from the ground up to simplify the complexities of running, managing, maintaining and continually optimizing enterprise-class application environments. With its powerful automation engine and robust API, xStream was designed specifically to lower the cost of migrating, operating, and supporting enterprise applications in the cloud. Its unique MicroVM foundation provides a powerful "cloud kilowatt" concept for billing, measuring, and analyzing workloads in the cloud, allowing your apps to run with better performance at lower costs.

Migration is never easy, but we make it simple.

Moving complex, mission-critical applications to cloud requires a comprehensive strategy built on proven frameworks and processes, strong technical execution—and serious experience. Our xStreamCare Services™ team has helped some of the world's biggest enterprises move their most complex and demanding applications to the cloud quickly and efficiently—ensuring faster application response times, improved economics, and other real benefits of cloud transformation.

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Virtustream Enterprise Cloud is built on Dell Technologies products and services including Dell EMC and VMware. Please also visit the Dell EMC Cloud Marketplace for more information.