µVM Technology

Virtustream µVM Resource Management

Experience the new measure of success for cloud performance and efficiency.

The new measure of cloud performance

µVM resource management is Virtustream’s patented, innovative cloud resource management technology. A µVM is a standardized, fine-grained bundle of the most critical computing resources needed to run your applications—including measurements of CPU, memory, IOPS and networking bandwidth. The specific values of these resources are based on Virtustream’s own statistical research and analysis of tens of thousands of data points across many thousands of machines. As a result, the µVM is a platform-independent unit of measure that applies regardless of hypervisor or processor.

A µVM consists of:
  • 200MHz of CPU
  • 768MB of memory
  • 40 storage input/output operations per second (IOPS)
  • 2Mbps of networking bandwidth

By measuring and allocating the exact resources necessary to run applications, µVMs allow for unprecedented optimization, assurance and economics in clouds powered by Virtustream xStream® software.

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Extreme optimization

xStream optimizes your infrastructure by applying µVM data and tailoring resource allocation to meet workload requirements. It assesses each application for its resource needs, and then combines the optimal set of µVMs to meet performance SLAs for each resource.

While fully compatible with traditional virtualization, the µVM true consumption-based approach yields significant advantages over other clouds’ allocation-based methods.

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µVM Overview

A μVM is a standardized, fine-grained bundle of computing resources that allows for the fair and accurate provisioning and measurement of resources.

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Assured performance

μVMs are all managed with a common set of security, network and virtualization policies. Using μVMs, Virtustream can offer service level agreements at the application latency level—guaranteeing both performance and availability for your most critical applications in the cloud.

Unrivaled economics

Like the kilowatt consumption metric used to calculate your home utility bill, the Virtustream µVM measures actual consumption of compute, memory, network and storage resources. Most cloud computing providers determine charges based on the maximum rated capacity of all virtual machines—the equivalent of your electricity provider charging based on the rated capacity of each appliance in your home, and not for your actual power consumption. By paying for actual resource usage as opposed to allocated instance-hours, Virtustream customers can immediately see the impact on their bottom lines. Thanks to more efficient resource management and utilization made possible by the µVM, most customers experience significant cost savings compared to other cloud providers.