Virtustream Enterprise Cloud

Performance, Availability, and Resiliency

Virtustream products are built from the ground up to deliver outstanding performance and availability—backed by industry-leading service-level agreements (SLAs).

Performance Assurance

As the leader of hosting mission-critical applications in cloud, we offer the industry unique performance SLAs to guarantee application performance. Additionally, we guarantee IOPs through our MicroVM™ resource allocation model.  

Our tiered storage offers performance SLOs guaranteeing the performance of the virtual disk subsystem of your VMs—ensuring that applications have access to the data they need, when they need it, in a timely manner for specific quality of service.

Combining our IaaS performance SLAs with our best-in-breed managed services allows Virtustream to guarantee application performance for your mission-critical applications.

According to Forrester in their recent Forrester WaveTM report of hosted private cloud services for North America and Europe, performance of mission-critical applications backed by SLAs is a strong differentiator for selecting cloud platforms by enterprises. 

Download Forrester's 2017 Forrester WaveTM Hosted Private Cloud Services Reports

High Availability and Resiliency

Virtustream Enterprise Cloud offers a variety of availability SLAs—up to 99.999%—based on the utilization of MicroVM Class and the zone in which the Virtual Machine is placed (DMZ vs Internal). Availability is higher in the Internal zone to accommodate traditional mission-critical applications, whereas applications in the DMZ are typically load-balanced.

For high-availability workloads, our Core infrastructure offers seamless disaster recovery protection by replicating customers’ data to the disaster recovery site in our geographically distributed data centers, with aggressive RPOs and RTOs.  Built-in data backup and recovery options are also available for those customers that do not require full disaster recovery features.