Virtustream Enterprise Cloud

Performance, Availability & SLAs

Virtustream products are built from the ground up to deliver outstanding performance and availability—backed by industry-leading service-level agreements (SLAs).


Virtustream xStream cloud management software and μVM™ resource management technology enable high application performance and consistent application response through the intelligent allocation and management of cloud resources. In addition to the CPU and RAM measurements typically used by cloud service providers to allocate virtual machine resources, the Virtustream μVM also incorporates network and storage I/O. This allows xStream to go one step further—ensuring that workloads are never I/O starved, regardless of transaction or storage read/write volume. By applying each of these metrics, xStream can satisfy any customer SLA commitment.

Read Gartner’s report, "Critical Capabilities for Public Cloud Infrastructure as a Service, Worldwide", to see how Virtustream over-delivers on critical capabilities for performance, reliability, security and enterprise integration.

Download Gartner's 2015 Critical Capabilities for Public Cloud IaaS

The Virtustream Enterprise Cloud offers two tiers of μVM, giving customers the flexibility needed to migrate complex enterprise architectures to the cloud and the ability to accommodate advanced disaster recovery (DR) requirements.

  • Basic μVMs are an entry level offering, delivering a single site SLA of over 99.5%.
  • Core μVMs are designed for mission-critical enterprise applications. Core units include reserved capacity in a geographically diverse secondary data center. Core µVMs have an SLA of at least 99.99%. When combined with our storage replication and distributed network services, xStream makes DR services seamless.
  • Core μVMs also feature a target Recovery Time Objective (RTO) of four (4) hours and a Recovery Point Objective (RPO) of fifteen (15) minutes.

Virtustream Enterprise Cloud offers a variety of SLAs—up to 99.999%—based on the tier of μVM and the zone in which the Virtual Machine is placed (DMZ vs Enterprise). SLAs are higher in the Enterprise zone to accommodate traditional mission critical applications, whereas applications in the DMZ are typically load balanced and by their very nature exposed to the internet. Embedded DR capabilities offered by Core μVMs are available for a nominal price increase over the single data center Basic μVMs.

Applications running in core µVMs are replicated to the Disaster Recovery site at the storage layer to enable the recovery point objective (RPO) of 15 minutes. The 4 hour recovery time objective is delivered with automation capabilities integrated into the xStream cloud management platform.

Virtustream’s Enterprise IaaS offers both availability SLAs and world-class performance SLAs. Customers can benefit from both of these SLAs with native xStream and µVM technologies, without having to re-architect their applications. Our patented μVM technology allows us to guarantee the availability of your compute and memory as well as the IOPS across the disk fabric and intra-cloud network bandwith. Our tiered storage offers performance SLAs guaranteeing the performance of the virtual disk subsystem of your VMs—ensuring your applications have access to the data they need when they need it, in a timely manner.

Combining our IaaS performance SLAs with our best-in-breed managed services allows Virtustream to guarantee application performance for your mission-critical SAP applications.