Virtustream Storage Cloud

Enterprise-class archiving in the cloud

Reduce your on-site storage footprint for cold or static data and free up valuable primary storage with secure and scalable enterprise-class storage in the cloud.

Built with the enterprise in mind

Virtustream Storage Cloud was engineered for the enterprise with built-in resilience and enterprise-class performance—as well as hardened security, comprehensive compliance certifications and simplified, low-cost pricing for data archiving.

Resilient by nature

Virtustream Storage Cloud

Engineered resiliency ensures reliable storage for long-term archiving of static or cold data. Virtustream Storage Cloud comes with up to 99.99999999999% (13 x 9s) of durability and up to 99.999% (5 nines) of availability, providing unmatched reliability and access for enterprise data. Available read-after-failure ensures resiliency and data integrity even in the event of unplanned network outages or natural disasters.

Seamlessly Tier from Dell EMC on-premises

By combining Dell EMC on-premises storage solutions with Virtustream Storage Cloud, you can simply move cold or static data from on-site to the cloud within a single management platform. You’ll also enjoy simplified, single-source support and billing to reduce the complexities of your storage solutions.

Dell EMC Isilon

Dell EMC Isilon with Isilon CloudPools provides off-cluster tiering to cloud storage, as an extension of SmartPools, which enables multiple tiers of Isilon scale-out NAS nodes to exist within a single file system. Customers can use CloudPools policies to govern the placement and retention of tiered files to an object storage service. CloudPools with Virtustream Storage Cloud reduces on-site storage footprint and costs by moving cold data to the cloud. CloudPools shards data and breaks it into chunks that only it understands so data is protected even when stored off-premises.