Virtustream Storage Cloud

Object storage designed for the enterprise

Virtustream Storage Cloud gives you the benefits of object storage with the resiliency, availability and security of enterprise-class storage.

Built to meet enterprise needs

Enterprise storage demands are growing exponentially each year. Enterprises are dealing with more data than ever before and need a cost-effective way to pursue new opportunities while supporting their mission-critical applications and maintaining availability.

Virtustream Storage Cloud provides simplified, cost-effective object storage with enterprise-class resiliency and availability to support mission-critical and cloud-native applications, as well as enterprise-class off-premises archiving of cold or static data and long-term retention (LTR) of backups. Virtustream Storage Cloud features unique load-balancing technology, and is capable of managing multiple Exabytes of data, with many billions of objects under management and an event monitoring system that processes tens of billions of events per day.

Take advantage of object storage

Open new possibilities for mission-critical applications and cloud-native applications by storing unstructured data (such as images or audio files) and structured data as objects for cost-effective storage and global access. Additionally, organizations soon will be able to deploy Web-scale object storage for cloud-native applications, leveraging a simple, S3-compatible application programming interface. With our hyper-scale storage solution, you can ensure your enterprise-class environment will scale up on demand to meet your needs.

Global access, on-demand availability

Virtustream Storage Cloud’s object storage allows for global access of data from any device at any time, enabling file sharing and collaboration across the office or around the globe. Available uninterrupted read access means you don’t have to worry about waiting to access your data in the event of a network or other unplanned outage or natural disaster.

Efficient, predictable economics

Economics of object storage combined with Virtustream Storage Cloud’s flexible, subscription-based payment plans provides cost-effective storage without sacrificing durability or availability. Flexible service plans from highly available to long-term archive allow you to choose the right service plan based on your priorities.