One Management Platform. Greater control.

Single interface across complex, distributed IT environments—and can be added to existing IT to create public, private, or hybrid clouds.

Built to Manage Your Enterprise IT

xStream was created to deliver economic and business benefits for your entire portfolio of applications—including mission-critical enterprise applications like SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, and more. Whether it’s ERP, CRM, databases, mail, web apps, or thousands more, xStream enables your IT environment and outperform traditional IT operations.

In addition to the CPU and RAM measurements typically used to allocate virtual machine resources, xStream incorporates network and storage I/O—ensuring that workloads are never I/O-starved, regardless of transaction or storage read/write volume. These metrics are also used to define service-level agreements (SLAs) from infrastructure through operating system (OS) and databases (DBs). Enterprise IT can now run existing applications, including production SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, and custom applications in the cloud, with SLAs structured to cover beyond infrastructure availability.


Start/Stop Automation Available for Mission-Critical SAP® Applications

Virtustream customers using xStream on the Virtustream Enterprise Cloud can automate the start and stop of their SAP landscapes and systems, reducing the amount of manual effort required from their staff. As a result, enterprises benefit from:

  • Cost Optimization: Optimize compute costs by automatically shutting down applications during weekends and maintenance periods 
  • Strategic Scheduling: Start/stop operations can be scheduled through the Virtustream xStream portal in 30-minute windows on a one-time, on-demand, or recurring basis (daily, weekly or free-form)
  • Defined Prioritization: Customers can assign each SAP system a set priority, allowing them to stagger the start/stop of their system so they proceed in a defined order to ensure applications run efficiently and correctly.

Custom-Built OS Images

Enterprises spinning up VMs on a frequent basis have an essential need to easily create VMs without having to manually customize the entire OS each time a VM is created. Solve this operational challenge by leveraging Virtustream’s experts to develop one or more custom-built OS images for use during both onboarding and steady state, including self-service in the xStream portal. This allows you to streamline the VM creation process and deploy VMs for immediate use with the unique specifications you require.

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OS Image Management Services

Leverage Virtustream's experts to develop a customized, easy to use OS image for VM creation on any Virtustream cloud. 

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True cloud economics

The Virtustream MicroVM (μVM) is the company’s patented cloud resource management technology. MicroVM  technology allows for fair and accurate provisioning of virtual machine instance, and extremely granular measurement of IT resources those instances use in clouds powered by xStream.

Fully compatible with traditional virtualization, MicroVM resource management’s consumption-based approach yields significant advantages compared to the allocation-based method of other clouds—including unified measurement and billing across clouds, improved performance, more efficient resource utilization, and true consumption billing with chargeback and showback features.

Find out how MicroVM technology makes cloud computing more efficient