xStreamCare Services

Innovation. Flexibility. Application Expertise.

Expand capabilities with a comprehensive suite of professional and managed services for customers leveraging cloud environments to modernize, migrate and manage their mission-critical applications.

Applications are the spinal fluid of any organization, connecting countless end-users and empowering them to enhance business value. xStreamCare services enable your enterprise to take a strategic, platform-agnostic approach by optimizing the management of traditional workloads while accelerating cloud-native application deployments.

Enterprise IT leaders around the world are looking to optimize performance, reduce operating and support costs, improve service levels and efficiently maintain their application portfolios. This suite of services builds on Virtustream’s decade-long experience, end-to-end industrialized processes, and deep technical expertise in migrating and managing enterprise-class applications in the cloud to deliver a proven modernization process for your enterprise applications.


Personalized Services

Virtustream offers support for each stage of a customer’s journey to the cloud, with a wide variety of personalized services. These services cover extensive security and compliance requirements and include highly-tailored ‘white glove’ service delivery that is personalized to a customer’s specific business requirements. Through Virtustream’s platform-agnostic approach, its xStreamCare services can help enable either Virtustream Enterprise Cloud hosting or hyperscaler-hosted clouds alike. Automation is at the foundation of service delivery, and Virtustream is dedicated to deliver the capabilities you need, such as speed of delivery, quality and the ability to leverage hyperscaler proficiencies.

Professional Services

Professional Professional_Services.png#asset:6134services play a major part in the xStreamCare Services offering, spanning advisory, planning, modernization, and migration services for a comprehensive solution design. Through a proven transition methodology, Virtustream enables your organization to prepare properly for your multi-cloud journey by combing the right people, right processes, and right technologies. By implementing best practices, process readiness, measurements and controls to meet performance standards, Virtustream’s professional services provide a highly skilled, dedicated team that thinks outside of the box by devising solutions based on the specific needs of your modernization project.

For planning your move to the cloud, the Virtustream Advisor tool provides an assessment of the enterprise application landscape, identifying all workloads and analyzing system configurations for optimum set up. Additionally, onboarding and migration services can be leveraged to reduce the risk for enterprises and minimize disruption in enterprise IT services. As part of these services, Virtustream takes responsibility for project planning, project management, documentation of all applications and workloads, move sequences, tests, mock cutover and final cutover plan. Once system migration is initiated, data and application consistency is checked to ensure a smooth transition.

Managed Services

xStreamCare services leverage Virtustream’s wealth of cloud expertise in platform, OS and applications to optimize your end results. Our managed services provide you with fully-managed white glove cloud service from the IaaS layer up to the operating system, database and Basis layer, with proactive incident-event management, monitoring, alerts, troubleshooting and other pre-scoped managed services. This service catalog allows you to select and parameterize the offerings you use, ordering the services needed at just the levels they require.


Support Services

Virtustream believes that cloud and multi-cloud deployments provide fundamental value for enterprise applications. Our business is built on the fact that customers trust us to handle the unique challenges that come with migrating sensitive, mission-critical applications. By using our 24/7 global, enterprise-class support services, Virtustream helps our customers accelerate their modernization strategy. Take advantage of fully integrated operational processes for quality control and assurance, including planned and tested disaster recovery, dedicated cloud-delivery account managers and an integrated service ticketing system to make workflows seamless.