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Dell Digital Turns to Multicloud to Meet Rigorous Demands for Flexibility, Scalability, Performance and Resource Utilization

The Challenge

Dell Technologies operates one of the largest businesses on the planet. Dell’s ERP system helps make it all possible, supporting over 60,000 users, including both in-house and partners. This ERP system spans numerous core applications and 13 business tools, including SAP Business Warehouse (BW) which hosts their customers’ mission-critical data (orders, shipments, invoices).

The particular ERP system that Dell Digital leverages is a mission critical system with unique requirements and certifications. Because of the scale and complexity, the ERP system mandated a solution which was not only secure, but could also transform their business with newfound speed, agility, and operational excellence. When determining between on-premises and cloud, the potential of having a multi-cloud strategy was also a major factor for the IT leadership team at Dell Technologies.

The Solution

After deciding to move their existing ERP system to a cloud environment, Dell partnered with Virtustream to migrate to the Virtustream Enterprise Cloud making it Dell’s premiere application management platform due to on-demand capacity management, proven SAP excellence, and expertise in migrating and managing mission-critical applications.

By supporting Dell’s internal, multicloud strategy, Virtustream was able to meet the organization’s rigorous demands for flexibility, scalability, performance and resource utilization. Virtustream’s proven expertise in cloud security, performance, compliance and cost made it a natural fit for Dell’s multi-cloud needs.

“Like our customers, we are driving a transformative and modern multi-cloud strategy to support our dynamic business needs. This transformation began when we were tasked with delivering the largest tech merger in history, which required integrating and enhancing the performance of all systems and applications. Virtustream provides the flexibility and scalability needed to quickly extend our cloud, as well as the deep SAP experience and knowledge we need to make timely decisions with our critical ERP systems. This is another great example of a project that will not only enhance our own business operations, but also creates a set of best practices that we can share with our customers.”

Scott PittmanSenior Vice President, Dell Digital’s Office of the CIO

The Results

The Dell Digital team is migrating more than one hundred servers to support its mission-critical SAP Business Warehouse across multiple on-premises, cloud, public and private environments to Virtustream Enterprise Cloud. As a result, Dell Digital mitigated its capacity challenges and now has the flexibility to easily scale resources and storage and update mission-critical data sets in real-time to meet fluctuating critical business demands throughout the year.

After migration completes, Dell Technologies will be able to consistently match fluctuating business demands throughout the year. By relying on Virtustream’s specialized technology and deep bench of experts in cloud infrastructure and security, Dell IT will also free up internal teams to focus on more strategic aspects of their business rather than focus on day-to-day operations.

Additionally, moving to Virtustream Enterprise Cloud has already facilitated greater productivity for Dell. Tasks take less time, which improves Dell’s customer experience, decreases latency and increases overall productivity.

“Dell has an extremely complex ERP system that is critical to its business, and tapping Virtustream for this project is a testament to our expertise in handling these types of migrations. Supporting and enabling the world’s biggest enterprises to realize the true benefits of the cloud is what Virtustream does best. Our customers, and now Dell, have rich and complicated business systems and need cloud partners that are able to recognize the manifold requirements of such a structure, and can embrace that complexity and thrive in it.”

Deepak PatilSenior Vice President of Product and Technology, Virtustream

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