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UOL Sets the Bar for Cloud Computing in Brazil with xStream®

Featured Solution: Cloud Strategy and xStream software


UOL Group is the leading internet services company in Brazil. The company was founded in 1996 as a content and services portal, and has expanded to become the second largest media conglomerate in the country. The UOL portal is ranked among the top 100 most visited websites in the world. In addition, the company provides internet access in more than 3,000 cities throughout Brazil.

UOL Cloud is an entity within UOL Group formed in 2014 by the combination of UOL Host, a hosting and web services company targeting small and medium sized businesses (SMBs), and UOL Diveo, Brazil’s largest IT data and infrastructure provider, targeting the enterprise. UOL Cloud has four data centers in Brazil, the newest of which, Data Center UOL, is among the largest in the world, hosting over 16,000 servers and 9 PB of storage capacity. UOL Cloud has a portfolio of more than 3,000 corporate clients, offering them a wide range of data center, telecommunications and integrated IT services.


With a reputation for innovation, UOL was in a unique position to serve the rapidly expanding market for cloud computing services in Brazil, estimated to be growing at greater than 70% per year over the next three years by analyst firm IDC [1]. Recognizing the opportunity ahead of it, UOL set out to become the number one provider of cloud services in Brazil.

To achieve it’s goal, UOL knew it couldn’t offer only commodity-grade cloud computing services to SMB customers. Rather, it would need an offering capable of meeting the cloud computing needs of its tough-to- please enterprise customers.

A key challenge UOL faced: To get there quickly. With plenty of regional and global competition, UOL couldn’t afford missteps. The company needed a proven way to quickly field an enterprise-ready cloud computing service.


After careful evaluation, UOL selected Virtustream’s xStream cloud management software to expand its portfolio. xStream would allow the company to offer the secure, reliable, high-performance cloud computing solutions its enterprise clients demanded. With xStream, UOL would be able to migrate its customers’ mission-critical applications to the cloud, while providing application performance SLAs, multi-tenant efficiency, and a consumption-based pricing model for both legacy (SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, etc.) and modern web-scale applications.

To ensure high levels of operational efficiency, UOL would migrate its existing public cloud offering to xStream as well, allowing it to consolidate its cloud platform and infrastructure and manage both through a common interface.

In addition to providing the xStream software, Virtustream would also provide advisory services to UOL. By leveraging Virtustream’s expertise in complex, mission-critical cloud deployments, UOL would be able to rapidly achieve the goals of its business model and go-to-market strategy for the enterprise market.


Virtustream’s experience delivering enterprise-grade cloud computing solutions, combined with the turnkey nature of the xStream solution for cloud service providers (CSPs), proved instrumental in allowing UOL to meet its aggressive deployment timeline. From a cold start, the company launched a full-featured enterprise-grade cloud computing offering in less than three months.

UOL’s cloud quickly delivered promised benefits to the company and its customers. Whereas OUL previously required ten days to bring a new managed hosting customer’s first server on-line, customers can now be provisioned in the cloud in two days or less. And once on board, users can launch new servers in seconds via a self-service portal.

“Virtustream’s software offers the features and capabilities we need to ensure our enterprise customers are able to migrate their business-critical applications to the cloud, without concerns over security and compliance, performance or cost. Our cloud service portfolio, in conjunction with Virtustream’s xStream, will set the bar for the cloud market in Brazil.”

UOL is so confident in their new cloud that they’ve committed to transition their own estate of over 30,000 servers to the cloud. No stranger to aggressive timelines, the company expects to migrate 70% of its IT landscape to the cloud within the next two years.

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