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Boost Interoperability
Virtustream’s trusted network enables secure interoperability
The Challenge: Payer-Provider Coordination at the Point of Care

Epic Payer Platform is an excellent conduit for coordinating care options between healthcare providers and insurers. To facilitate this two-way information exchange at the point of care, health plan organizations must be on a trusted network in a cloud that delivers a high level of performance and availability.

Virtustream Healthcare Cloud advances interoperability between payers and providers on the Epic Payer Platform with secure communication and transparency. Real-time access to medical history, health insights and treatment options expedites the best patient care.

Our Solution: A Trusted Network in the Virtustream Cloud
Virtustream Advantage
Boost Interoperability in the Virtustream Healthcare Cloud
Cloud-based Epic Payer Platform adoption is an innovative way to deliver value-based care, enabling healthcare insurers to boost interoperability between themselves and healthcare providers while streamlining administrative processes.
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