Enterprise-Class Cloud Services for Health Insurers and Payers

Virtustream's xStreamCare Services for Payer Platform provide a proven, comprehensive approach to implementing and managing Epic Payer Platform in the cloud. By running your Epic Payer Platform environment in our trusted network and utilizing Virtustream's managed services, your organization can leverage real-time access to patient data and clinical documents that helps accelerate member-patient data sharing goals with your provider partners. 

Additionally, while Virtustream handles the management and day-to-day operations of your Epic Payer Platform environment, your team can focus their energy and resources on contracting with health systems, learning the software and training, analyzing and reporting on the data.

Customer Benefits

Boost Interoperability Icon
Boost Interoperability

Two-way exchange of information at the point of care to drive real-time access to patient treatment options

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Streamline Administrative Processes

Simplify manual administrative work and re-purpose time towards developing care-management strategies

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Simplify Operations to Deliver
Value-Based Care

A single provider of cloud infrastructure, implementation and ongoing management

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Ensure Security and Compliance

Defense in depth security model along with HIPAA-HITECH & SOC2+HITRUST compliant cloud service

Professional and Managed Platform Services for
Payer Platform

Virtustream's suite of services, backed by our Epic certified team of cloud and healthcare specialists, allow healthcare organizations to simplify their implementation in the cloud each step along the way with frequent, direct touch points. This includes a smooth implementation of mission-critical healthcare systems in the cloud, as well as management of both the Epic Payer Platform as well as the Virtustream Healthcare Cloud, with infrastructure specifically built to a customer's Epic specifications, complete with backup and recovery.

Streamline Care in a Purpose-Built Cloud

Virtustream Healthcare Cloud enables health insurers and payers to streamline care across their entire health ecosystem. Purpose-built to handle the mission-critical nature of Epic Payer Platform environments, Virtustream's flexible cloud delivers the highest standards of availability, scalability, security, compliance and business continuity that healthcare applications and systems mandate. By simplifying application management and establishing interoperability between healthcare payers and providers, health plan organizations can establish a trusted, two-way exchange of information at the point of care, resulting in a more positive overall patient experience.

Data Sheet

Virtustream Healthcare Cloud

Meet the strict security and compliance demands of the healthcare industry by leveraging a HIPAA-HITECH and SOC2+HITRUST compliant cloud service.

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Customer Success Manager – Personal Contact

In delivering our xStreamCare Services for Payer Platform on the Virtustream Healthcare Cloud, Virtustream provides a Customer Success Manager (CSM) who acts as an extension of your team and provides a bridge between Virtustream, the various services we are delivering, and your numerous projects that may be in-flight. Your CSM also helps navigate cloud complexities, working with you to gain clarity on cloud consumption, storage growth, and application upgrade requirements.

As a customer advocate, the CSM works with your organization to ensure needs are consistently met, provide proactive auditing and assist with the escalation and support of your issues and tickets. Throughout your cloud journey and steady state operations, your CSM is a trusted advisor, guaranteeing adherence to service-level agreements and tracking projects to desired outcomes with one-hand-to-shake delivery through regular, reoccurring touchpoints.

xStreamCare Services for Security and Compliance

With healthcare systems facing added pressures from the COVID-19 pandemic, cyberattackers are looking to exploit organizations at their most vulnerable, specifically targeting hospitals and clinical settings. According to research from Check Point, the daily average of ransomware attacks saw a 50% increase in Q3 2020 compared to the first half of the year.

Virtustream's xStreamCare Services for Security and Compliance help in the fight against ransomware attacks by providing additional protection for your Epic Payer Platform systems, proactively securing your PHI and non-PHI data at all times. Virtustream's healthcare security bundle deploys security controls at the network, host/VM, OS, data and application level, further bolstering your security posture while enabling near-real-time visibility through the state-of-the-art Trust Platform.

HIMSS Healthcare Security Forum - 
How Virtustream Handles Trust

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Corporate Memberships


Virtustream is a proud member of HIMSS, Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society, Inc, a global advisor and thought leader supporting the transformation of the health ecosystem through information and technology. Together we are innovating and creating the wave of change, transforming the landscape of Health IT. The Virtustream Healthcare Cloud improves patient care with new digital services while modernizing infrastructure, reducing costs, and delivering the highest standards of availability, security, and compliance.


The College of Healthcare Information Management Executives (CHIME) is the professional organization for Chief Information Officers and other senior healthcare IT leaders, proudly sponsored by Virtustream. CHIME enables its members and business partners to collaborate, exchange ideas, develop professionally and advocate the effective use of information management to improve the health and care throughout the communities they serve.