Predictions 2018:

Cloud Computing Accelerates
Enterprise Transformation Everywhere

10 Factors That Will Shape Enterprise Cloud Computing in 2018

Forrester recently released ten cloud computing predictions for the new year in their report "Predictions 2018: Cloud Computing Accelerates Enterprise Transformation Everywhere". Virtustream’s CTO/President Kevin Reid sat down with guest Forrester Principal Analyst Lauren Nelson to discuss the key themes across these predictions.

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Cloud Acceleration in 2018

2017 brought forth expansive growth in cloud computing and enabled the evolution and development of enterprise technology. Just a few years ago, enterprises were still learning the basics of cloud economics and exploring ways the cloud could benefit their enterprise. In 2018 the conversation is much more nuanced, and enterprises who previously questioned whether cloud was the correct path are now focused on the finer details of how they can shape the cloud to fit their exact business needs.

This increase in buyer IQ has been instrumental, and will continue to push cloud acceleration into 2018. As enterprises become more knowledgeable about cloud offerings, they can pinpoint exact needs to bring to a cloud provider’s attention. The evolving conversation around cloud will continue to promote a profound transformation for the global market and revolutionize the way enterprises compete for customers.

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