Enterprise Management Associates® (EMA™)

Ten Priorities for Hybrid Cloud, Containers, and DevOps

Enterprise Management Associates selected Virtustream as an EMA Top Three vendor for delivering a solution that provides customers with access to an enterprise-class hybrid cloud managed through familiar VMware tools.

Each of the EMA top three vendors were selected because they address hybrid cloud, container and DevOps challenges in an innovative and convincing manner. EMA surveyed 260 randomly-selected North American enterprises with 500 or more employees across all industries for their research report and decision guide for enterprises. Survey results showed that 87% of enterprises surveyed are using public or private cloud. EMA also clustered ten priorities to efficiently manage hybrid cloud, containers, and DevOps.


Mission-Critical Applications

Container management and machine learning are the two fastest-growing hybrid cloud topics. Along with this growth comes the pressure to leverage machine learning-driven IT operations to deal with added operational complexity caused by applications consisting of short-lived micro-services hosted on portable containers and shared between multiple apps.

Watch now to learn how Virtustream tackles the most difficult tasks when it comes to application workloads, with a specific focus on mission-critical applications.

Migrating any application to an external cloud provider can prove difficult for enterprises, but specifically moving mission-critical application workloads that deal with sensitive, confidential data can be especially complex. Discover how Virtustream’s expertise with application onboarding can aide enterprises who do not have existing staff or infrastructure to migrate applications properly.

Security & Compliance – Having a Compliant Cloud

EMA found that 48% of enterprises surveyed named security as the biggest cloud planning challenge. Additionally, 58% saw security as a key adoption criterion when dealing with cloud-related technologies such as hybrid cloud, DevOps, and containers. As a result, security continues to bottleneck the growth of public and private cloud technologies, with 41% of surveyed enterprises admitting to gaps in understanding public cloud security.

Watch now to discover how Virtustream provides both perimeter and application security for your mission-critical applications.

Virtustream Healthcare Cloud

70% of enterprises surveyed by EMA base their final purchasing decision on a vendor’s ability to provide solutions that are compliant with HIPPA, PCI, SOX, or ITIL. In addition, 40% admitted to a lack of full comprehension when asked how individual clouds implement compliance. Enterprises need to allocate time to learn exactly how their compliance is enforced.

Virtustream Healthcare Cloud enables healthcare providers to modernize their health IT environments in a HIPAA/HITECH-compliant cloud purpose-built for mission-critical enterprise applications. Healthcare providers receive a proven, secure platform for patient records while meeting regional data residency requirements for protected health information (PHI). Watch now to see how Virtustream handles highly critical workloads with Virtustream Healthcare Cloud.

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