New Guide

The Realities of IT Modernization

BEYOND THE BUZZ: Your Guide to the Reality
of IT Modernization

Read this guide from GovLoop to learn best practices for IT modernization and how IT modernization can help your agency address mission-critical priorities.

IT modernization is everywhere in government. It comes up in meetings. You've read about initiatives. But how many of us actually know how it affects our jobs? 

In this new guide, we go beyond the buzz of IT modernization to understand how it directly impacts you, the government employee. 

Download the guide to learn: 

  • Five IT modernization priorities likely to affect all public servants
  • Insights from federal, state and local government leaders on best practices for IT modernization 
  • How the city of Boston is using IT to enhance end-user experiences
  • How GSA is using the Technology Business Management framework to remain accountable and transparent

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