Multi-cloud Arises From Changing Cloud Priorities 

Performance and Innovation Rise Above Cost Considerations When Choosing A Cloud Strategy

Multi-use Cloud Architectures

"Multi-cloud Arises From Changing Cloud Priorities",  a July 2018 commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Virtustream, a Dell Technologies business, showed that 86% of cloud strategy and application management decisions makers described their cloud strategy as multi-cloud. Do you?

This on-demand webinar features guest speaker Forrester Principal Analyst Lauren Nelson who discusses the findings of the study and addresses key trends such as how to drive cloud performance and develop a deliberate long-term strategy with cloud vendors.

Multi-cloud Arises From Changing Cloud Priorities

Performance and Innovation Rise Above Cost Considerations When Choosing A Cloud Strategy

Lauren Nelson – Principal Analyst, Forrester Research
Roberto Mircoli –  EMEA Sales CTO, Virtustream

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Multi-cloud solutions are becoming a popular approach for a diverse set of use cases, and enterprises are more willing than ever to explore a multi-cloud deployment. This webinar discusses multi-cloud topics such as:

  • Common approaches when leveraging multiple clouds, such as deploying public and private clouds for different application workloads
  • An increase in firm spending on an annual basis for cloud platforms
  • Enterprises choosing multi-cloud to yield improved IT flexibility and cost savings

Focus Shifting to Cloud Performance

Nearly three in four firms plan to re-evaluate or set their cloud strategy within the next two years, many of which who are focusing their new strategy on improving cloud performance. Cloud performance and cloud’s effect on mission-critical applications are major factors when moving to a multi-cloud platform:

  • Success for multi-cloud platforms is most likely to be determined by improved performance
  • Application performance is the leading consideration when enterprises choose which applications to move to a public cloud
  • A majority of enterprises consider applications tied to delivering customer experience and driving employee productivity to be mission critical, and 60% plan to move mission critical apps to the public cloud