Predictions 2019:
Cloud is Coming of Age

Five Key Predictions That Will Shape Enterprise Cloud Computing in 2019

Forrester recently released five cloud computing predictions for 2019 in their report "Predictions 2019: Cloud Computing". This report discusses how cloud is coming of age as the foundation for new digital application platforms, both inside and outside the data center.

Virtustream’s SVP of Product and Technology Deepak Patil hosted a webinar with guest Forrester Principal Analyst Lauren Nelson to discuss the key themes across these predictions, taking a closer look into the takeaways for enterprises and cloud providers in the coming year.

Predictions 2019: Cloud is Coming of Age

Guest speaker: Lauren Nelson – Principal Analyst, Forrester Research
Host: Deepak Patil –  SVP, Product and Technology, Virtustream

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Enterprise Cloud Spending Soars As Core Business App Modernization Takes Off

Enterprises are no longer putting off modernization of core business applications. New database, edge, internet-of-things (IoT), and artificial intelligence (AI) services will drive a surge in cloud spending as companies use them to modernize their most crucial business apps.

Private Cloud Segments Into Three Distinct Approaches

After many years of stagnant private cloud strategies and adoption, expect three distinct approaches to finally emerge, including a more developer-focused “outcome based” approach. And no, OpenStack isn’t dead, and neither is that much-hated journey-to-cloud story.

True SaaS-Based Connected Cloud Ecosystems Turbocharge Innovation

Software-as-a-service (SaaS)-based, industry-specific apps have long faced delays — but no more. 2019 will herald the first comprehensive industry cloud ecosystems, with extensible SaaS apps at their core. Vertical value and the best form of delivery will fuel much conversation into the new year.

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