Service Providers

Make an xStream difference.

Give enterprises the power to run their most complex applications—all on the platform powered by xStream technology.

If you’re looking for ways to:

  • Guarantee secure access to the cloud
  • Isolate customer environments
  • Bill customers only for the services they use
  • Automate and integrate with third party applications
  • Realize more revenue from infrastructure

Virtustream lets you offer your clients a hyper-scalable, highly secure, infinitely flexible cloud environment—and create a highly profitable model for your company.

With xStream Cloud Management Software running in your data centers, you can:

Create real efficiencies and real value

Many cloud service providers have built their businesses on low-margin, commodity solutions. With xStream software and other tools, you’ll build and run a faster, safer and more economical cloud platform for your customers—and that means higher margins and a more profitable foundation for your company.

Migrate and run mission-critical applications

Virtustream products and services were deliberately designed from the ground up to help the world’s largest enterprises run their mission-critical applications in the cloud.

Build and manage unlimited configurations

xStream software powers highly efficient cloud platforms at scale—all with a real-time, holistic, dashboard-level view of everything from security and compliance to workloads.

Provide enterprise-class security

The xStream Defense in Depth model offers enterprise clients complete confidence and assurance. It includes highly granular role-based access control, strong multi-factor authentication and encryption at-rest, in archive and in-motion. See more Certifications and Compliance credentials

Guarantee application-level SLAs

Using Virtustream’s patented µVM™ cloud resource management technology, xStream creates secure, multi-tenant cloud environments that deliver assured SLAs for business-critical applications and other cloud services.

Expand your opportunities through cloud professional services

From advisory services that assess your clients' cloud readiness and facilitate migration—to a complete suite of managed services designed to support and run your customers' infrastructure, platforms and applications—Virtustream offers the tools and expertise it takes to serve the world's largest IT organizations.

Virtustream is proud to collaborate with these distinguished cloud service providers: