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Checking the Vital Signs of Healthcare IT

  • James Kluttz
    VP & CTO, Novant Health
  • Dr. Tim Calahan
    Director of Healthcare Product Strategy & Management
Runtime: 13:12
Thursday, July 16, 2020 in Customer Experience, Healthcare, Managed Services

Virtustream Cloud Expert Series · Ep. #001: Checking The Vital Signs Of Healthcare IT, J. Kluttz, Novant Health & Dr. T. Calahan, Pt I

In the first of two episodes with James Kluttz, VP & CTO at Novant Health, and Dr. Tim Calahan, Director of Healthcare Product Strategy & Management at Virtustream, hear these experts discuss key trends and developments in the healthcare cloud space. Topics include mission-critical workloads in the cloud, how digital transformation is quickly evolving the healthcare IT industry, and what role cloud is playing to make electronic health records secure and easy to access for both healthcare providers and payers. The pair also talk about the organizational and business impact of managed services, including improvements in speed, agility and system performance, in addition to applying their decades of experience to give their unique perspectives on the unprecedented effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on healthcare providers around the globe.

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